10.01.17. Akashic Records

Akashic Record Reading

I’m not the type of person who likes to know the future and I made sure Vialet knew this. I didn’t know what I would get, but I knew it was important. Vialet was respectful of my wishes, while communicating beautifully what my guides were hoping to tell me. It was emotional and enlightening. For anyone who wishes to know more about their life before coming to Earth, this avenue has the power to give you insight and leave you in awe and wonder. 

- Cassy

Vialet Brianne Rayne holds safe and sacred space for those around her. Her compassion and authenticity know no bounds. Vialet’s readings are informative, light-hearted and uplifting. No matter the subject or circumstances, she delivers an amazing and enlightening experience. Book a reading today!

- Facebook Review, Jason

Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2

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June 2017 - Janice, Vialet & Jason

Wow! Wow! Angelic Reiki. The single most incredible, actionable and enlightening workshop I have ever participate in! Vialet is a gifted teacher. She took excellent care of the students, providing quidance and tools for our new trade. Lots of hands on practice, lots of deep explainations and never left anyone a step behind. She held comfortable sacred space for us to thrive and integrate in. Thank you, Vialet, for teaching us, empowering us to help others, for uplifting and inspiring us to a higher vibration. Looking forward to the next level of study for Angelic Reiki.

- Jason

I took this class and I have to say it was transformative, on many levels. Even if you are a CRMT, adding Angelic Reiki to your healing modalities will enhance your practice. While Reiki feels grounded to the earth, Angelic Reiki feels like bubbly water and laughter. It is so light and wonderful. You meet your Angelic Guide and do serveral sessions to get to know your guide. These sessions will open your mind to different way to heal. I can't say enough about Angelic Reiki and would be happy to answer any questions.

You may ask, why should I take the class from Vialet? Well, I will tell you that Vialet is an awesome teacher. She has wonderful handouts and tools for you to integrate your learning, whether you are a visual, aural, or tactile learner, you will be supported. Vialet transforms the classroom space so that you feel like you are learning in a sacred space. It is beautiful and inspiring. She treats you to lunch so you don't have to bring your sack lunch. 

She has special meditations that she has added. Any references from the Angelic Reiki book, she has available for you to find the source. Also, the pace of the class is perfect as you take in and integrate the healing on all levels.

Finally, I love how Vialet Brianne Rayne has brought in the Akashic records into Angelic Reiki; she connects the two in a way that is harmonious and full of love. I feel so supported and loved and expanded in ways I didn't know existed.  

- Janice

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September 2017 - Denise, (Back) Jessica, Julia, Sondra and Vialet (Front) Laura and Tammy

The moment I stepped into Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, I felt joy, calmmess and lots of positive energy. I first took a basic Reiki class. I loved the way the material was presented and the overall energetic feeling I received. Then I was drawn to the Angelic Reiki class. It has been an amazing experience! I have learned so much . . .  and I am eager to learn more. I will definitely be taking more classes from Vialet.

- Sondra 

Vialet is such a beautiful and compassoniate soul. I really felt comfortable enough and supported that I could truly open up without fear of judgement, so I could receive and learn in an loving environment. I was given multiple tools to add to my tool belt to further my energetic work/healing. She is an excellent instructor. I am greatful to have been guided to her. Thank you universe! And thank you too, Vialet.

- Jessica

Vialet is a powerful and bright human. The space is set to promote ultimate healing, learning and supportive love. There are so many depths to the wisdom, one class would never be enough. I look forward to returning!

- Laura

Thank you, Vialet! I enjoyed learning about Angelic Reiki in fun and light surroundings. I felt like a little girl in a fairy land. Really appreciate the small size group where we can practice and support each other with love and compassion, kindness and gentleness. In gratitude. (P.S. The food was delicious!)

- Julia

Vialet is a gifted teacher. She sets a safe, sacred healing space to learn and discover your spiritual gifts in. Angelic Reiki is a great class to meet your angels or deepen your connection with them. I loved the ease of the information and the wonderful books, oracle decks and crystals provided for additional research, information and assistance. Vialet is an Angel and a wonderful guide. I highly recommend any of her classes, you will be pleased with every loving detail; blankets, pillows, munchies, waters, teas, everything to make your experience like a big warm welcoming HUG!

- Denise 

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October 2017 - Melissa, Vickie, Vialet, Corinne & Rhonda

This was a beautiful and powerful experience. The book is very through and detailed. Vialet is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend this class. I can't wait for Level 3 & 4.

- Anonymous 

Fantastic experience! This is the third type of Reiki I have taken. Finally, a Reiki that makes sense and one I look forward to sharing with clients. Vialet has create a beautiful environemnt to learn in. Her personality and loving spirit make this class a joyful experience. Thank you, Vialet for your guidance, advice and for sharing your gifts. I look forward to the next level in January as I got everything that I hoped for and more from this class. 

- Corinne 

Vialet is an excellent teacher! The classroom space was very soothing and holds such amazing healing energy. The Angelic Reiki workbook by Vialet is an excellent resource and is very organized and well thoughtout. I will continue to refer to this reference often. The entire workshop/training was enlightening and thought provoking. It was spiritual. 

- Rhonda 

Akashic RecordReader Practitioner I

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October 2017 - Vickie, Kaci, Melissa, Natalie, Carol, Jason & Vialet

I really enjoyed this class. Very informative and loved all the detail in the workbook. Vialet is an awesome teacher! I definitely will be taking more classes.

- Melissa

I was not sure what I expect from the Akashic Records Level I class. I was guided to take the class and I surprised myself when I signed up for the class. The class exceeded my expectation. I'm excited to continue this journey and continue to build what I have learned. Vialet is a patient and knowledgable teacher. She teaches from the heart. I would highly recommend this class.

- Natalie

Loved your class! Your workbook was extremely helpful and very detailed. Vialet has an indepth understanding of the Records, high level of integrity and amazing eye for detail in addition to having a wonderful personality. I highly recommend this class.

- Carol

Vialet is an awesome teacher. She gave us a lot of information and carefully explains every detail and answers each question in detail. Awesome class! Awesome teacher!

- Kaci

Sacred Candles of Intention (Year End)

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This class is so much more than pouring wax and making candles. Vialet guides you step-by-step through a thought-provoking, 6-hour, hands-on journey. Using a beautifully detailed handbook, lovingly created by Vialet, a wide-assortment of herbs & essential oils, and YOUR intentions, you create what you want to manifest every month for an entire year. I left this exciting class with 12 months of hopes and dreams ahead of me. What a beautiful process! 

- Marisa (2017)

This workshop is an amazing eye opening experience. Vialet sets the environment that is so conducive to giving one's full attention to such a beautiful process. This workship brings clarity and focus for the upcoming year. I think this is the greatest goal setting adventure I have experienced to date, because the goals are infused with intentions. Vialet truly creates magic with this process. 

- Christine (2017)

I had an Amazing experience today defining my intentions for 2018 in the Candle Making Workshop. Vialet Brianne Rayne is an excellent teacher and facilitator. The location is beautiful, peaceful and welcoming. I look forward to taking this workshop annually. I had already given the location a 5 Star Review, it won't let me do another, but I'll say it here (5 STARS). A great opportunity to get your personal and professional intentions ready for the new year. Thank you for making the start of my day an awesome one! Everything smells so yummy!

- Facebook Review, Hollie 

Wow! I loved the entire process of setting intention and making candles for every month of 2018. It was a sacred, introspective, fun, creative, powerful class. Natural herbs, essential oils, journaling, drawing just to name a few things we dabbled in and played with. :) I will definitely be back next year!

- Meetup Review, Denise

I really enjoy the community atmosphere that comes with a small group teaching session. The casual professionalism is also inviting, reassuring and comforting. Throughout the whole process I was met where I was, and never felt like I had to be anything but myself. 

- Mark (2017)

This was the best spiritual experience I have had in a long time. I started out the morning being tired due to my work schedule, but before it was over I felt great and very calm and joyous. The experience is one that I will plan on doing year to year. Vialet is a wonderful and patient teacher. She had great helpers with her along the way. Thank you for a warm and wonderful day!

- Leri (2017)

First of all, I chose to write this in ink because I learned to let my thoughts flow free during the class, so I'm not editing or filtering. I didn't know what to expect and I originally signed up because I needed a spiritual activity to do with my daughter who is dealing with some emotional dragons and I felt it would be good for her, but I gained so much more than I expected. I feel ready to take on the new year with my emotional and spiritual goals in sight. 

- Fara (2017)

The process of making candles is brought to a new level. It combines inner reflection and asks me to make 2018 about me, my wants and my needs. Figuring out what is important, how to make change, how to move through tough times and to set rituals and intentions for the upcoming year. This was a personal journey, guided by Vialet in a fun way. The candle making is the first step in finally moving forward towards finding joy in every day!

- Marcia (2017)

Making intention candles for the new year has been both delightful and empowering. Creates space within to draw towards your desires while releasing what is no longer needed. And a way to focus on those things in the way that creates growth and change through the year. I will do this every year from now on. Fun! Fun! Fun!

- Lorien (2017)

I really enjoyed the class and learned quite a bit about intentions and how they work. Vialet is a wonderful teacher. I have very high hopes for my candles.

- Nicole (2017)

Wow! Enlightening, powerful, reflective and happy experience! Everyone should experience this. About making candles, but OHHHH so much more!

- Vickie (2017)

The Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Candle Workshop was my second one. As a repeat participant, I am even more impressed with the quality of the workshop. Vialet really knows how to walk you through the process to arrive at a true awakening. I plan to complete a workshop every year. I see the value in my life and the lives of my family.

- Betty (2016)

Where will the year take me? With the guidance of this class, I hope to be more intentional with my life and fulfilled. Thanks Vialet! The journey continues ...

- Jan (2016)

There is a sense of Peace that you gain – when you are in Vialet’s presence. The class helped me focus on what “I” needed. Vialet has an energy that helps you “SEE” where you are going and she is the “Guide” to help you arrive safe and whole. This counts as one of the “Best Days Ever Free to Be Me.” 

- Fe (2016)

Dream boards are fun but being able to focus your specific intentions into candles for each month of the year gives you a soothing reminder of what your goals are on a regular basis. I make it a priority to do my next year’s candles at the end of each year. Vialet’s vast supply of materials makes it easy!

- Nikki (2016)

DSC 5285

Bath Salt Workshop

Very energizing experience. Exercise in spiritual self care. Highly recommended.

- Karin Bennett

What a gentle informative workshop to enjoy a community of friends and strengthen spiritual awareness. Vialet was a pleasure to be with and to learn from. 

- Sandy

Super fun and relaxing time! Vialet is a joy to be with. 

- Anonymous

 What a great way to learn and have fun! I had to make one for myself.  

- Jan

Everything was wonderful! We learned a lot about oils and salts and herbs. I feel like I could make my own! Vialet is amazing!

- Lisa




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