The DEYSG Academy

Develop Your Spiritual Gifts (DEYSG) Academy offers several different certification programs. The classes are interactive workshops and are open to everyone (although some of them do have a prerequisite). You can take any classes you choose, and certification is optional. Whether you want to dip your toe into the intuitive pool or jump straight into the deep end, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the DYSG Academy.

The Akashic Records program has four levels. Each level consists of two four hour classes.

  • Akashic Records Level I is focused on you and the Akashic Records.
  • Akashic Records Level II is focused on healing in the Records. 
  • Akashic Records Level III is focused on mastering your life in the Records. 
  • Akashic Records Level IV is connecting with the eleventh dimension which hold the planetary Records and galactical wisdom. 

This program is for the individual that has been called to the Akashic Records as part of their work. This tool can be integrated with many other forms of modalities. This program is taught by Vialet Rayne. 

The Crystal Wisdom program is composed of two series: Crystal Connections and Crystal Explorations. You are required to complete both series to earn the certification. The Crystal Connection series has four different classes and the Crystal Explorations has eight different classes. The progam allows the individuals to connect with the crystals and to learn more about how crystals can support us on our daily lives. This program is taught by Vialet Rayne and Jason Antalek.

The Intuitive Practitioner program is composed of nine classes that establish a strong practical foundation across many different types of skills. Topics range from meditation to Akashic records, and include an exploration of intuitive reading principles, tools, and methods. Designed for students of all experience and ability levels, this program provides hands-on experience with a variety of intuitive techniques. Students will work with the Five Sixth Senses, practice techniques to strengthen their focus and confidence, and give actual readings to volunteers. The final session of the program is an individual assessment by the instructor. This program is taught by Marcia Stanfield and Vialet Rayne. 

The Spirit Communicator program begins with the same foundation-building approach, using it as the launch pad for an in-depth study of the history, techniques, and ethics of talking with beings in Spirit. This series of twelve classes provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to connect and communicate with a variety of non-embodied energy forms. With topics ranging from Spirit Guides to clairvoyance, this program offers the opportunity to safely develop skill and confidence for those who are drawn to this type of work. As with the Intuitive Practitioner program, students will gain experience giving actual readings, and will finish with an individual assessment by the instructor. This program is taught by Marcia Stanfield and Vialet Rayne. 

The Reiki and the Violet Flame program is a modern approach to the traditional teachings of Usui Reiki along with the integration of the healing powers of the Violet Flame. Saint Germain is the Master Teacher of this program. Vialet has integrated both of these powerful healing modalities into one program. This program is taught by Salina Leslie and Vialet Rayne. 

These programs are affordable and open to anyone wanting to connect with their gifts, learn more about their gifts or to expand the gifts that they already have. 


Some of the benefits of attending Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Academy include:

  • Professional programs: These programs are facilitated by gifted professionals.
  • Flexiblity: You can take as long as you like to complete the program. Your classes credits will be applied as you complete each of the class.
  • Educational materials: You will receive educational materials for each class
  • Credentials: You will receive a certificate of completion when you have completed the program along with a certificate seal for your website. 


You must register for the class at least seven days prior to the class beginning! Click here


These seals represent that the individuals has acheived and earned their certification from the DEYSG Acadmeny. Thees seals can be used on your website, marketing materials, etc. 
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