Amanda Gregg

My name is Amanda Gregg and I am the owner and founder of Soaring Eagle Healing, a Reiki Healing practice.  My work experience began in the nonprofit sector, serving older adults in our community for the past ten years.  I currently serve as a Director at a local nonprofit called A Little Help, connecting neighbors to help seniors thrive. I enjoy this work helping neighbors connect with seniors to help with needs including transportation, handy work, yard work and much more.  In the spirit of connecting others and meeting the needs of others, I have been called to practitioner work with energy healing through Reiki.

I have felt so humbled in becoming a Reiki Master practitioner.  It has furthered my present journey of inner leadership, growth, and change.  I have seen and felt amazing energy that has moved people to a new level of consciousness and facilitated life transitions. My goal through my Reiki practice and business is to empower, give hope, and provide a faith that the universe and energy that surround us have a significant impact.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.


Free Phone Consultation - 10 minutes

Reiki Treatment (1 hour) - $75

Distance Reiki Treatment (1 hour) - $55


Phone: 720-220-6079


"Amanda Gregg is a true gift! She is gentle, kind & genuinely caring. She is very explanatory & guiding through sessions as well as open to working with individual intentions. I find her overall demeanor allows for a very special safe place to practice this healing art. Sessions with her feel like a collaborative spiritual experience in which I have felt immediate benefits. I wholeheartedly look forward to continuing on this personal journey through more sessions with her."

"As a born skeptic and western medicine devotee, I was reluctant to give alternative healing a chance. As I've aged, I've been faced with medical issues that come with pat answers and, most times, a pill. Unwilling to go this route, I began exploring other options, including Reiki. My experience with Amanda has been both educational and healing.  With her non-judgmental and informed guidance, I have become more aware of both my physical and emotional well-being. I look forward to my sessions with her and the feedback she provides afterwards. I know I have begun my healing process from within, thanks to her heartfelt commitment and willingness to help others."

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