Angelic Reiki is a high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and expansive consciousness that provides you with the healing connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light. The Angelic Kingdom includes the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers. The energy sources that you need are provided. The sessions are never the same because the Angelic Kingdom brings forth the perfect energy for you at that time.

The sacred space is set for the Angelic Kingdom and they are in control. They will bring in the perfect energy for the healing. It may include a specific Archangel, Angel, Ascended Master or Galactic Healer or a group. Vialet will hold the space for them to do their work and provide any messages that they may have for you. The Angelic Kingdom is totally in charge of the session.

This unique system of healing was channeled to Kevin Core by Archangel Metatron between October 2002 and February 2003. Kevin and Christine Core developed and taught Angelic Reiki worldwide.

Each participant's experience will be different. No two sessions are ever the same.

These are 45-minute sessions. The session is recorded.

Angelic Reiki Sessions

The Angelic Kingdom of Light brings forth the perfect energy and messages for you at that time. No session is ever the same.

Angelic Reiki

Packages offered:

NOTE: The package must be purchased before or during the first session. 

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NOTE: All sessions are provided in a space with an approach that is both professional and sacred. Information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. We provide healing and guidance to the client to support the healing process. You should consult with a health practitioner in the case of any medical condition or health concern. 

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