Aubree Cohan

I'm Aubree and I'm an intuitive and compassionate being. My abilities are clairaudient , clairvoyance , claircognizance, clairsentience. I'm blessed with the gift to see beauty in everything and always see the bright side to any situation . Perspective is key.

I haven't always felt this connected though .

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where everyone was very separated and even the ones together were separated at heart. I never felt a place among anyone, so I took care of myself emotionally and mentally. I was forced to go to churches where I couldn't see or feel their messages. I always knew there was something I wasn't being told. I've felt this way a majorty of my life about everything and it's why i'm an avid explorer of everything I find interest and curiosity towards. I was an atheist up till I was 19 (2014).

I was in a major depressive state, which was a catalyst for my spiritial awakening . Among this happening, I discovered astrology which lead me to holistic medicine, lead me to knowing who I was , and lead me to knowing I was meant to know and do more with holistic medicine and the metaphysical world. Tarot topped the cake of it all when I was learning to channel my guides and look into my subconscious for answers to my own well being, and soon started to write on a daily to channel whatever messages spirit had for me. I've been avid on self development for three years now and I only continue to get deeper in what the spiritual world has to offer me. As a Gemini, you know we make up everything in one, so knowing who I am is the biggest gift of all.

Now as I continue my journey, I want to help others find empowerment to flow over any and all obstacles they are faced with. I want to help you truly love yourself and your inner child. When you have a clear mind and an open heart, the possibilities are infinite.


Physical Healing

Description of individual services and fees:

First timers or basic session - $44
Consists of 30 minute full body session and 10 minutes to talk about the clients body mind and spirit .

If they've had a session before I then integrate astrology and tarot into looking deeper into the psyche to have an even larger healing experience -$77

Inner child love and intuitive guidance
Consists of meditation and reiki with a conversation .-$55

Chord cutting/clearing with reiki -$44

Reading and Guidance

Tarot and Oracle offering General Guidance, Love and Romance

The readings I offer aren't the basic how do they feel and what do they want, but looking at the lessons, the purpose, past lives you shared etc.

Self-love readings assist in getting to know who you are and becoming the best version you can be.

Life Purpose readings add another dimension of identifying who and what you are. I'm very motivated in the areas of self-empowerment.

 I'm a quick, straight to the point reader offering forth right information. I won’t sugar-coat, but give you every bit of info I receive. I'm not only a truth seeker, but someone you can come to when you're in need of a loving and even motivating read. I hope to inspire love and help you become a better version of yourself than before. Self-empowerment is my movement.  

What's your path/purpose? What are your strengths and your weaknesses?

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of your shadow side or identify how you bring light into this world?


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Phone: 9196336829


" I would like to tell everyone about this amazing lady! I met Bree with a very heavy soul, Bree in turn met me with open and loving arms! I started mysession letting go of all the baggage I was carrying so Bree could work on me from her side and do the work she was called to do. So hallway through when Bree felt I had completely surremdered, with an angel voice she asked me to turn over. What came next left me speechless! Bree laid hands on my back and I completely felt my chakra align I mean I felt my spine align inside my body my spine moved inside my body!!! Wow powerful!!! I have been in a state of peace that nothing can take away. Thank you so much for your service Bree your rock . . . . " Jennifer

"Bree is absolutely amazing & incredibly intuitive. She is multitalented individual who is truly passionate about her craft. It is rare to find a person, so intune with her spirituality. She is open, honest and compassionate with her clients. She actually listend to what you have to say. She cares about your wellbeing & will supply the knowledge you have been seeking! Blew my mind - - 10 stars!" Samatha

"Bree is truly gifted. I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of Reiki but what happened during my experience would completely change my life and hoestly Im a firm believer now. All the bad energy that was attached to me was lifted away and I suddenly felt peace for the first time in years. I recommend her to anyone that needs healing. She's the real deal, no doubt about it." Mark

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