Aubree Cohan

Type of Readings

Tarot and Oracle offering General Guidance, Love and Romance

The readings I offer aren't the basic how do they feel and what do they want, but looking at the lessons, the purpose, past lives you shared etc. Self-love readings assist in getting to know who you are and becoming the best version you can be. Life Purpose readings add another dimension of identifying who and what you are. I'm very motivated in the areas of self-empowerment.


I'm a quick, straight to the point reader offering forth right information. I won’t sugar-coat, but give you every bit of info I receive. I'm not only a truth seeker, but someone you can come to when you're in need of a loving and even motivating read. I hope to inspire love and help you become a better version of yourself than before. Self-empowerment is my movement.  

What's your path/purpose? What are your strengths and your weaknesses?

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of your shadow side or identify how you bring light into this world?

I can help you discover these things.


I grew up shy and alone. I was the farthest from empowered. The transformations have been immense in my life. When you're a Pluto retrograde native and a life path 8, this is inevitable.  

I have always enjoyed receiving readings and watching “pick a card” readings on YouTube. The cards have always intrigued me.

I was gifted my first deck from my father and his wife. This deck was used every single day. I would use so many traditional spreads, create my own, do forecast readings, and even did and still do daily readings. It's been 3 years of daily reads, many friends down the line, and even visited a bar for a friend and ended up doing readings into the night.  

I am here to offer you a piece of what I have found for myself, the potential of a life changing reading so you can have the shift you may need.


I’ve had 5 sessions with Master Bree, and after each time my body has been totally relieved of negative energy that interferes with my spirituality. I am at peace with my body.

Thanks Bree

I had a tarot reading from Bree and it was exactly what I needed!! It resonated with me so much and has answered the questions I had. I adore her energy and ability.

Absolutely Incredible!! XX (Anonymous)

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