Brooke Davis

Type of Readings

Tarot readings that tie everything together, highlight areas for personal growth, and offer clarity through illuminating your next steps.

Brooke is available on the 1st & 3rd Monday Nights of the month. Schedule a reading with Brooke today by calling the center at 720.573.4275.


I'm Brooke Davis, the creator of Roots of Abundance.  I am a tarot reader and wellness coach that enjoys helping people find clarity and calm so they can better understand themselves and their situation.  This then allows them to make a plan of action to transform their lives.
My tarot readings focus on tying everything together so the client feels:
  • in alignment with who they are at a soul level
  • confident in their choices
  • inspired and able to move forward with desired changes
  • more at peace on their own personal journey
I also specialize in tying the tarot to astrology which helps reveal the elemental energies in the reading.  Looking at basic numerology also adds another layer of depth and personal insight.


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Brooke Davis

Life and Career Strategist