Broom Making

Make your own custom broom from scratch. You will be able to select a handle from a group of chestnut mountain canes. There will be natural wood, dark varnished chestnut, and light varnished chestnut canes for your broom handle.

The cost of the class includes:

  • Instruction Class
  • Long broom handle
  • Uncolored Broom Corn Bundle
  • One Splash of Colored Broom Corn Bundle
  • Lace Band Wrap
  • One charm


Add on Accessories include:

  • Additional Colored Broom Corn Bundle $10.99
  • Flower Bundles $14.99
  • Extra charms $5.99 each

Space limited to 6 people per class. NOTE: Children under the age of 17 years of age will need an adult to make their broom. This playshop tends to SELL OUT early.

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