Rick Finbow

Rick Finbow has been performing psychic and mediumship readings professionally for over 42 years. Featured at many conventions and metaphysical fairs including Atlanta’s Whole Life Fair, The Las Vegas Renaissance Festival and Denver Psychic Fairs.

“I believe we create our own destiny and it all starts with our subconscious mind. I can help you tap into that consciousness and find out if you are on the right path with where and whom you want to be.”

I have chosen to develop my God-Given Talents to help others. I will help you clarify and understand what blocks and drives you to achieve the life you choose to lead. Where you need to focus to get what you really want out of life. I have helped many customers achieve there dreams and goals.

I am also an Animal Communicator. Learn more about your loved ones behavior issues and what they are telling you. End of life decision making made easier for you and your pet also.

I work with clients as a Magical Life Coach when they desire a more indepth learning of how to make their own goals and dreams come true. (You must be invited to experience Life Coaching with Rick.)

Rick has created his very own Tarot Deck in 2022 “The Eye of the Soul Tarot” and The Animal Totem Deck.

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