Sacred Sound Bath

A sound bath is a great way to give your mind and body a healthy boost of healing. By using ancient and modern sound healing instruments to balance the flow of energy through your body, mind and spirit, individuals are able to quieten their mind and to release energy blocks that may be stuck in the physical body. These programs activate the chakras and provide a healthy balance to the energy bodies. It can assist busy individiuals in relaxing and reducing their stress levels in a more holistic approach.

NOTE: The sound will be loud. We will be using a mixture of sound instruments including a gong, crystal/tibetan bowls, crystal pyramid, metal drum, drums/rattles, ocean drum, rainstick, koshi chimes, etc. Each of us plays on the opposite of the room, so the sound moves from both sides in the space. 

“I experienced my first Sacred Sound Bath with Vialet and Corinne. While having attended many other Tibetan singing bowl meditations this one took it to a whole new level for me. Gong, bowls, chimes, drums, ocean drums and more. Sounds like so much but I’ve never had a more deep meditative experience. Ive already signed up for more!” Susan 2021


– Bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water and dress comfortable for this event. You will be lying down on the floor. 

“What a beautiful experience. I’m hooked! Thank you Corinne and Vialet 💜” Susan 2021

COST: $25

These programs are limited to twelve (12) participants. You MUST pre-pay and register for these programs to have a guaranteed spot. You can register  at the center or online. 


You must register and pay for this event online. These events tend to SELL OUT! Make sure you register early.


Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet’s spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

She started working with sound instruments for healing in 2019. She has found these to be powerful tools for releasing, healing and moving stuck energy in the body. She has many sound healing tools and she will be utilizing them in her sound baths. 


Michael is a life purpose coach and shamanic healer with a background in shamanic healing methods from around the world including ongoing apprenticeship with shamans in Ecuador. He uses hand analysis and la Limpia, an ancient form of healing from Ecuador to assist people in healing and stepping into their purpose, passion and power in life. Ancient traditions around the world have known the power of sound to move energy deep within in the body to cleanse and deliver healing energy where it is needed. The elders teach that the true power of  sound is in the intention of the healer and the participants.  

Healing and deep joy exists in the silent spaces within the sound, where ‘you’ disappear to allow the healing, messages and intent of the soul to come. Simply close your eyes, relax and let your mind, and body become the portal and your intention the guide. You are supported, stop trying too hard, just let go and BE. 

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