Cyndi Stewart

Cyndi, FNLP, Ph.D. practices a functional and holistic approach to health and nutrition, she is a transformational coach and energy medicine healer in the Akashic Records, where she clears stuck energy in the body. Nutritional Alchemy, the integration of the science and the soul, is her unique approach to helping others move past their overwhelming feelings with food and trapped emotions that block healing by meeting people where they are at. Cyndi also creates and facilitates writing/ journaling workshops called Journaling for Healing and Transformation.

Cyndi's healing journey involved a transformative experience as she struggled with multiple health issues; i.e. Hashimoto’s, Ménière’s (vertigo), Interstitial cystitis, MTHFR, leaky gut, candida, mold, hypoglycemia and uncontrollable sugar cravings. She ultimately gained her health back and now uses her technique with others. She finally made the food changes when she incorporated a healing approach that included holistic health, nutrition, gratitude, purpose, journaling and energy medicine.


  • Complimentary consult – 20 min
  • 1st session: Nutritional Assessment and Plan (includes personalized workbook) 90 min- $150
  • Sessions of nutrition, transformation coaching and/or energy medicine healing/energy machine
    • 1 hour $150 or a package of 3 sessions is $400 ($133/session)
    • 30 min $75
  • Akashic Records with Energy Healing $140 
  • Energy Medicine Machines- Rife Technology
    • 1 hour $65
    • 30 min $35

Cyndi Stewart



"The joy and the clarity I've received that has changed my life - having my own intuition affirmed, as well as receiving specific suggestions on how to navigate my path at this particular time in my life. Words never do justice when it comes to such things. What I will say is that if you've ever been curious, then Cyndi is the one to reach out to. She has a gift. I'm not sure how she does what she does, but I will tell you it is real, it is good and it is safe. I would invite you to give yourself the gift of going into your Akashic Records with Cyndi, sooner rather than later. Thank you a million times Cyndi." Nancy Ann Key, Transformational Guide and Founder of Collective

"Before working with Cyndi, I felt like my insides were in an internal vice grip from the shock of a relationship breakup that caused an enormous amount of physical, emotional and mental pain. After a session with Cyndi the grip of the pain subsided and the information that I received allowed me to look at the unfolding of events of my life in a much different light. I am now able to start to move forward with a deep knowing and understanding of my old relationship patterns and broken record thinking, so I can begin to take the next steps that are in alignment with my highest self, reclaim my feminine power as a woman and heal." - Teena, Denver

"I went to Cyndi for my first Akashic session and I had no idea what to expect or what questions to ask. I had a general sense of what I wanted to ask about but got into my head about "how" to ask. When we started the session, she had already tapped into my energy and knew the situation I was going to ask about; It helped bring up additional questions during the session. She was very specific, yet, making it clear that the future is fluid and I still have the ultimate decision in my life. It was nice to have a flowing conversation where questions arose as needed; she is very easy to talk to. Cyndi is very intuitive and non-judgmental around all facets of life." Julie, Animal Healer, Denver

"I was lucky enough to meet Cyndi through a good friend. I was going through a lot of changes including a breakup, a loss, and starting a new job in a new city. It was quite overwhelming and I needed all the spiritual healing I can get. I lost faith in relationships and thought I could probably never love again after what I had been through. Cyndi helped me release the negative energy that was stuck from my past relationships and she helped make room for a better future. Just a couple of weeks after talking to Cyndi I met my current boyfriend and couldn’t be happier. I found someone that I connect with on such a deep spiritual level like never before. Thank you for healing my chakras and allowing me the space to find love again." Anonymous

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