Davina Anderson

My earliest memories include speaking to people, and beings that others could not see. I spent my lifetime working privately to understand my abilities and the metaphysical world around us. In 2012 I had a reading for my 40thbirthday and my guides told me through the reader, “Do your work or get off the planet.” Not yet ready to leave our beloved 3rdrock from the sun, I began putting myself out to the public. Knowing it was time I recently left the corporate part of myself behind to live my purpose full time without distraction. My service to Spirit comes from my heart and soul. I am excited about assisting those that want my support. 

Davina Anderson


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Type of Readings

It is my goal to help you connect with your spiritual team to obtain the guidance you seek. I communicate with your spirit guides, angelic guardians, and loved ones who have transitioned beyond this dimension. Spirit has a sense of humor, and often this comes through because we need to laugh more and not take everything so seriously. I leave it up to them to communicate with me how they want to come through and convey exactly what is relayed. Typically, the message will make more sense to the querent than to me which is exactly how it should be. The reading is for you!

Staff Member

Davina works at the center on Thursdays. She is our Fair Coordinator. She schedules and manages the DYSG Fairs at the center. DYSG has seven fairs each year including: 

  • Reader & Healer (January, June & October)
  • Craft Bazaar (May & November)
  • Wall Art (April) 
  • Author (July)

If you would be interested in participating in our fairs, please contact Davina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


“It has been my honor and pleasure to know Davina Anderson for over 14 years. She is honest, incredibly creative and true to her heart and belief systems. She has always beenthere when someone is in need. I would trust her with my life and will cherish her always. She is very psychic and has a powerful intuition that connects her directly to the Source. Anyone having a reading with Davina will know immediately that the information is true and coming from the Source surrounded by white light.” -Cathy 

“I have in this life time known Davina Anderson since 2013. I knew right away why God had thrown her right in front of me. Davina has a presence that is unforgettable, she is extremely talented in the art of clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Davina has done personal work for myself and cleared my property of areas that were of trouble to my family. We have taught classes and shared events together. Davina was instrumental editing my book and getting it published. My relationship with her is on many deep levels... She is the REAL DEAL! If she is in your life, then there is a super good reason for it.” - Claudia 

“Davina was the first person to give me a tarot reading and has done readings for me for over 20 years. Her intuitive readings go beyond the face of the card and the traditional meaning. Davina taps into higher guidance and this allows her to delve deeper into a reading than the face of the cards. For this reason, I seek her out when I have an important issue that is too close to me to allow for unbiased interpretations of the information available. Davina’s connection also allows her to read situations and places. I have witnessed her clear homes of unwanted energies and spirits. I have recommended her to many friends for assistance with readings, healing, and clearings. I have witnessed her assist people and help them to move forward feeling empowered.” -Tammi 

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