Deborah Peter

Hello!  I am Deborah Peter and the owner of Harmony Ridge Healing Arts. I began my career in massage therapy in 2003 and now treat clients utilizing Craniosacral Therapy (CST).  I also provide Reiki and energy clearing/healing.  Having benefited greatly from Craniosacral Therapy myself, and from seeing the results experienced by my clients, I am passionate about this healing method. 

For me Craniosacral therapy has released years of tension, stress, anxiety and emotions built up and stored in my body.  I had no idea it was all there and how it was restricting my body and my ability to live fully. I am now more in charge of my life, rowing the boat and guiding my life rather than reacting to the ideas, desires, whims, and direction of others.  My body is more at ease, my mind clearer and my spirit more able to express itself.  

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch, relaxing therapy that works with the central nervous system to relieve pain, stress, restrictions, held emotions and trauma.  While the touch is light the effects are deep.  Craniosacral therapy gets to the core of an issue thus providing a more permanent release.  The goal is to help people have better health, more joy, and live more fully in harmony with their body, mind and spirit.  

Our bodies are amazing at compensating and adapting to situations, stresses, traumas and injuries we experience by living our life.  Layers and patterns of restrictions result from this compensating and adapting.  Whether restrictions are physical, mental, or emotional or a combination, Craniosacral therapy is a great tool to release what is inhibiting a person’s full self from showing up and participating in life and all of its adventures. Imagine what is possible for you and your life! for more information

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Deborah Peter


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Initial session - 90 minutes and includes intake, consultation and 60 min of table time - $115

60 Minute session - $90

90 Minute session - $115

60 Minute session for child/teen (up to 12yo) - $75

Reiki session - $1 minute - sessions last anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes


Magical - The word to describe Deb's work. Her anatomical and intuitive knowledge is so apparent. Physical and emotional release occurs during our sessions. Beyond grateful for such a powerful healer!


I had the best sleep I have had in years!  My first thought when I laid down to sleep was "my jaw doesn't hurt", and then was "I don't hurt anywhere. Thank you!" 


Deborah is a talented, compassionate, divinely inspired therapist. I specifically went to see her for a CST session. I was so happy I made the decision to see Deborah. I felt wonderful and slept so soundly for the first time in months. Thank you, my dear friend and colleague for an incredible session. I will be back!


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