Develop Your Spiritual Gifts

Everyone has spiritual gifts that they identified as foresight, gut instinct and/or a deep knowing of people, places and things in their life. Are you recognizing the messages and sychronicities that are happening all around you? These gifts can provide you guidance, clarity and direction for your life. 

Your spiritual gifts are the natural senses of clear seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing:

  • Clear seeing (clairvoyance): These senses provide visions of photos and video clips that play within your mind and/or third eye. 
  • Clearing hearing (clairaudience): These senses provide the words, sounds and music that are heard in whispers or in your own voice within your mind. 
  • Clear feeling (clairisentience): These senses are the individual's ability to sense the emotions, feelings and pain of other individuals. 
  • Clear knowing (claircognization): These senses provide the individual with foresight and deep knowing of information and future events. 

When you practice, you can develop and expand these gifts. Most individuals will be stronger in one area. However, you can practice and develop the other senese as well. 

Vialet creates a safe and sacred environment for individuals to learn and practice their gifts. Come and join us for this educational, interactive and fun program!

COST: $20

Vialet B Rayne

Vialet studied in the spiritualist camp, Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, in Cassadaga, Florida. This spiritual community was established in 1894. The teachers and leaders encourage self-exploration in your divine gifts. They believe that everyone has gifts and they just need to connect with their own personal gifts.

The classes and programs offered are designed to provide you a safe space to learn and develop your gifts. Vialet will be creating a safe and fun environment for individuals to practice and connect with their own gifts. 

This program is for anyone that wants an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and to practice their gifts. The first portion of the program will be educational before we step into an interactive exercise in practicing with each other. Come and join the fun!!!

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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

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