Drum Making Workshop

Creating your own shamanic tools is a deeply rewarding experience. In this workshop we will start by creating the centerpiece of your personal tools, the hand drum. The size for your drum is a personal preference. Generally, the smaller the drum, the higher the pitch. This can also be affected by the depth of your drum frame, the hide used for the face of your drum, and the tightness of the drumhead once dried. Go with what works best for you.

We will make our drums within ceremony. We will start with a grounding meditation and then we will open our ceremony circle, showing our gratitude, respect and appreciation for Mother Gaia and what she has provided for us. Then we will prepare our hides to be laced, lace them and then tighten our drums. All materials will be supplied for each stage. The process is not complicated or difficult. You will find it pleasurable and satisfying.

Your drum will need to dry, untouched, for at least 48 hours. Any drumming on the wet hide will alter the sound.

Class includes a Drum Beater made in class.

$100 non-refundable deposit - applied to final fee

Drum Pricing by size is as follows:
Prices include wooden frame, hide and sinew for stringing, workshop attendance and drum beater. Larger sizes are available. Included hide will be elk. Additional hides include buffalo, bear and horse, when available.

12 inch $150
13 inch $160
15 inch $180
18 inch $200
20 inch $220

Additional sizes are available.

For the workshop, a $100, non-refundable, deposit is required for materials. The remainder of the workshop fee is due at the start of the event. The price includes the workshop. If you are unable to attend, the $100 will be applied to a future workshop.


Jason Antalek

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