Aligning Your Chakras

Aligning Your Chakras

The 4th of July is a great time of celebration and gathering with friends and family.  It is a holiday that not only unites our loved ones, but it connects us to the greater good of the unity of our nation and the new beginnings of our democracy.

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Clearing Your Crystals

06.21 Clearing Your Crystals

Do you know how to clear your crystals?

Your crystals are in service to you and the world around you. They are working energies in different ways for you and your space.

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Connecting with Unicorns

06.21 Connecting with Unicorns

Have you ever connected with the unicorns?

The unicorns are magical beings that hold the energies of peace, purity, innocence, serenity, and divinity. They are the purest light. As each of us becomes able to hold light and raise our vibration, we are able to connect to these angelic beings.

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Business Corner: The Product or Service Sells Itself

06.21 Business Corner The Product or Service Sells Itself

Do you believe that your product or service will sell itself?

When I graduated from college, I thought that everyone would be knocking on my door to offer me a job. I had spent several years taking classes, submitting assignments, passing tests, etc. I believed that all needed was a certificate that stated that I had completed my college work. The reality was that it never worked that way. I had look for the jobs, apply for the jobs, interview for the jobs, get the jobs, and prove that I was capable to do the work.

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The Energy of June

The Energy of June

The Energy of June

June is about Growth & Expansion

The month of June holds the energy of Growth. This is the month to take action towards expansion and growth. This can be focused on personal, professional, or spiritual growth.  

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Celebrating the Summer Solstice

6 Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Welcome to the Summer Solstice which officially happens on June 20th.  The solstice represents the longest day of the year and celebrates the Wiccan holiday of Litha.

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Business Corner: Building Your Connections

Business Corner Building Your Connections

How do you build connecting with your tribe?

As a business owner, you can have the perfect plan and idea for starting a business. You invest hours and money creating the best classes and services for your students and clients. You have individuals interested in your offerings and they show up for classes and services. What is next?

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