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How You Can Help Power Up Gaia’s Planetary Grid System and Help with our Ascension

Guest Blog Richelle Kemper

Do you love working with crystals?  Have you ever thought of yourself as a crystal? Together, we need to ‘be the crystal’ to help power up Gaia’s planetary grid-system. I love doing it and it feels super fun to me. Here’s how, what, why, when and where of what you need to know to help power up Gaia’s planetary grid system.


Gaia, Mother Nature, has given us so much support throughout all of our lifetimes.  She loves all of her ‘children’, and wants to give us everything she can to support our growth.  But, we’ve been and are very hard on her. Due to this harshness, our planetary grid system has shut down in places and needs our help to power back up. Sometimes, there are rocks, trees, waterways, sacred sites that have given us so much support that they don’t have any more to give and just go to sleep or are clogged and cannot connect or flow to the planetary grid network.

What is the planetary grid of Gaia?  ‘Many of you are familiar with the terms ‘ley lines.’ In short, these are the energetic pathways that form an interconnected energy system that links up at little nodal and intersection points throughout the earth.’ ‘These nodal points are sometimes highlighted by sacred sites, mounds, or natural features such as rivers or trees which dot intersections/vortexes/sites that can be used for various aspects of energy or information management.’ ‘Some people view this system as resembling a mandala of crisscrossing lines that encapsulate the entire planet. 

How can we help? “We can support Gaia through the process of cleaning out, activation and aligning the grids and the spaces they connect.’ ‘The reconnection of grids and energizing of the crystalline grid is an incredibly important part of our growth and is a task that requires widespread effort.’  Please help.

Who can do it?  Anyone with a pure heart and a willingness to help with our Ascension. 

Where can you do it?  A fabulous place to start is to find a tree that is special to you.  It can be one in your yard, at a park, anyone that calls to you. Sit with your tree and ask if it would like to be infused with light?  If you ‘feel’ it says yes, then you’re set to ‘power it up.’

How is it done? (This is how I do it, but you can tweak it to what feels good to you.)

  • Ask permission from your tree
  • Call in your primary ascension timeline
  • Ask your ego to step aside
  • Connect in with your Oversoul
  • Call in the ‘Christ Light’
  • Ask your guides to help hold the highest vibrational frequency your body can hold
  • Imagine that you are a crystal that the energy can flow through
  • Then channel the ‘Christ Light’ energy through your main chakra system and out your hand chakras. Start a few feet above the tree and imagine beautiful light flowing down the tree’s energy system.  Bring it down through the roots.  As the roots get ‘powered up’ they then can power up the earth’s grid system around it. 
  • The more time you can anchor in light to your tree, the more sacred that tree becomes to you and you can later use it as a ‘power source’ for anchoring in more light in other places.
  • You might also like to use crystals, like Citrine, to leave as a gift to your tree being. Find a place for them to rest in or by the tree. The crystal will continue to help power up your tree, waterway or plant.
  • So cool!!!

After you have practiced anchoring in your favorite tree, then pick new ‘beings’ you’d like to connect with and anchor in light.  Maybe rocks, waterways, plants or anything you ‘feel’ would like some additional love.

When can you do it?  As long as you have permission from your ‘site’ you can anchor in anytime.  I personally love bright sunny days and the full moon times of the month.

So ‘be the crystal’ that anchors in the light that Gaia needs to pull us into 5D+ reality.  Have fun with the process.  Enjoy the high vibration that you are helping to bring in and anchor.

For more information on ‘Gridworking’ contact Richelle Kemper at 720-891-3123 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also visit her website



*The quotes in the article come from an ebook that Coach, Katie Indicrow, wrote called: Connecting In: Powering Up Ourselves and the Grids!

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