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Creating Sacred Client Relationships

Guest Blog Corrine Echols

What does it mean to create Sacred Relationships? What responsibilities do practitioners have toward their clients?


Energy Healing is an emerging field that more and more people are being called to whether as a practitioner or a client. While Energy Healing has not yet gained mainstream acceptance, there is a growing community of allopathic practitioners that are seeing the benefits. Go to any nursing home or hospice facility and you will likely see nurses practicing Healing Touch or Reiki.

What an Energy practitioner does is help direct the infinite, loving healing energy of the universe to help clients achieve healing. The responsibility of the practitioner is that they must adopt a set of standards that are equal or higher than those followed by conventional practitioners. This is how one will truly honor the sacred trust placed upon us as ‘healers’ and recognize the power of the infinite.

In a field in which there are no regulation or specific laws of governance regarding professional standards, many would argue that there is a higher calling to act professionally and in high character. By elevating our standards, we will become more accepted and understood and attract more people in need of help.

One way of seeing the relationship between practitioner and client is to view it as a sacred or spiritual contract.

We already have a personal sacred contract which was created at the soul level, where we accepted that we were coming into this incarnation to be of service to others, to make helpful choices and to understand personal power. When we extend the personal sacred contract to our clients, we see the relationship as a spiritual contract, as a result, we seek ethical behaviors and higher standards of care. We also honor the interconnection with clients and have reverence for the interconnectedness of human life. By acting in accordance with personal sacred guidelines, practitioners honor the unique caring covenant with each client.

So how do practitioners create sacred relationships with our clients? The following are some guidelines that practitioners should make part of their toolkit:

  • Be realistic about your scope of practice
    • Ensure you realistically assess your degree of knowledge, skill and expertise
  • Ensure that clients are receiving adequate medical care or seeking care
    • Care must be used to ensure the client does not think energy healing can take the place of conventional medicine
    • The client ‘could’ file a malpractice claim if they are not receiving adequate conventional care while undergoing energy healing treatments
  • Know when to make a referral
    • Have a list of practitioners that are qualified in areas where you are lacking will make the trust between you and the client grow
  • Ensure you have the client’s agreement of care and their willingness and ability to participate in their own care
    • Via the use of informed consent forms and assessments will help the client understand the treatment and decide if they are open and comfortable with the benefits and possible side effects
    • The client assessment will help you determine if the client is seeking an adventure or have psychological disturbances or hidden agendas. The latter two client types can be dangerous clients to treat without proper training
  • Make sure you have proper insurance and if offering any form of hands-on healing, hold a minister’s license
    • A minister’s license will help protect the practitioners in cases where they do not have or are not required to have a license but perform modalities where there could be hands-on or could feel intimate
    • Liability Insurance will help to protect the practitioner from claims of injury from clients and makes the practitioners appear more professional
  • Have an established criterion for selecting appropriate clients and matching them to the appropriate effective interventions
    • Energy healing is vast and a modality that works for one person with depression may not work for someone else with the same condition
  • Respect and enforce boundaries
    • Do not ever become sexually involved with clients – it is true that often clients become emotionally attached to their practitioner when close to reaching a healing breakthrough
    • The practitioner is responsible for setting and maintaining professional boundaries
  • Confidentiality is critically important and consist of safeguarding all information obtained
    • Per HIPPA the intake forms, informed consent must be kept in a secure location. Also, having a secure location will help build trust with the client
    • Never discuss the client with anyone unless there is a signed release of information, permission of the client and you are talking to the treating conventional practitioner
      • Exception to this policy would be if there is an emergency or elevated risk the client may self-harm
    • Adequately disguise any confidential information used for teaching or research
  • Ensure all marketing materials accurately represent your credentials and scope of practice, along with disclaimers, such as: the treatments do not replace medical treatment

By incorporating the suggestions above we are elevating the interactions with our clients. We know that spiritual truths do not vary. By honoring the interconnection with our client, we will treat those relationships as sacred, resulting in invoking those spiritual truths as a governing force.  In doing so, we allow both parties to touch into deeper awareness of the soul’s purpose and values and as practitioner we will naturally operate with ethical behaviors.


Corinne Echols owner of Rainbow Healing and Apothecary
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