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What Can Scientific Hand Analysis Do for You?

Guest Blogs for August 1

What can Scientific Hand Analysis do for you? It can open you up to the possibility of relating to yourself more deeply, confidently and powerfully! It will reveal your extraordinary potential that is just waiting to be exposed! In all actuality, each of us possesses a map, clearly etched in our palms and fingertips that provides direction for us to discover who we are at a soul level and what intrinsic components we hold that will provide the information to live the optimum life!

While I am discussing what Scientific Hand Analysis can do for you, it is a good time to mention what it won’t do. Certified Hand Analysts do not make predictions. When you will meet the love of your life and when you will leave this earthly plane is not information gathered from the owner’s hands.

What IS Scientific Hand Analysis? It is a scientific, non-predictive modality that provides an empirical, reliable source of facts that are gleaned from your fingerprints and carvings in your palms. Your fingerprints, fingers, etchings, the shape of your hands and fingers, the position of your fingers on your hand, the fullness or flatness of the pads below your fingers and on your palms and the color and texture of your skin ALL hold meaning.
This science was developed by Richard Unger. Richard has devoted decades to this research. By combining information from the ancient art of palmistry and data that he has collected from over 50,000 pairs of hands, a database has been created.

Let’s begin by discussing the fingerprints. Fingerprints are formed in utero at 14 to 16 weeks gestation and unless they are damaged in some way, they never change. This means currently there are approximately 7.5 billion different fingerprint patterns on Earth! Think about that! I decode fingerprints to reveal a person’s Life Path, Life Purpose and Life Lesson. We come into this world with all the information necessary to live our best, least stressful, fulfilled life possible. Imagine the informed choices possible and decisions that could be made at a very early age! Perhaps Hand Analysis should be a required course parents/caregivers attend for newborns!

On the other hand (pun intended) etchings and markings in the hands do change. As we move through life encountering, enduring and experiencing challenges the lines in our hands change to reflect this evolvement.

Heart Lines represent the emotional system. It reflects your “love” style and preferences. Do you prefer constant connection or time alone? The Head Line has to do with our “mental processor” or thinking system. Do you make decisions in a snap or do you research and contemplate? The Life Line correlates to our vitality system. Are you flighty or well grounded? The three main lines indicate the owner's perceptions, preference, inclination, and character.
Deeply carved lines represent stronger inclination to the related system. Shallow lines indicate less tendency to that system. Curvy lines indicate an owner that is likely to demonstrate his/her emotion, flat lines are less likely to express feelings. Smooth lines reflect smooth sailing while broken, bubbled or those with rubble indicate challenge,or traumatic life event. These are markers calling our attention to try an alternate approach or for healing.

Lesser lines all mean ”something” pertaining to the area of the hand in which they are located. Fate Lines, Gift Markings, and Wisdom Markers all contribute to the “whole” self. These markings may appear, change or disappear as the owner experiences, explores and evolves.

There are volumes of information contained in every individual's hands. This article just touches on the tip of the iceberg.

For more information about Scientific Hand Analysis or to schedule an exploratory consultation please contact Vickie Davis at Attune Analysis, 303-995-0480, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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