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What are Angel Messages and Angel Healing?

What are Angel Messages and Angel Healing

There is a whirlwind of energy spinning around us and Angel energy is part of the mix. The Angels, and there are a lot of Angels, have only our best and highest good as their intentions for us. They are invested in seeing that we do well here in our 3D existence because it helps them with their mission of elevating us to the next level we need to reach, and doing what they can to help us get there.

Angels go out of their way to try and get our attention. They throw feathers, shiny dimes and pennies in our paths to let us know that they are with us, and listening. You might hear bells, or chimes without any seeming connection to anything in your immediate vicinity. You might see flashes of color, pink, green, or white, for example, when you turn your head quickly.

What is important for you to know is that your Angels can’t help you unless you ask for their help. We have been granted Free Will by The Creator. That means that if we insist on trying to do everything ourselves, our Angels have to let us. In fact, for most of us, our Angels stand idle, with folded hands, hoping that we will eventually recognize their presence, and ask for their help.

Those who are generally unaware of their presence, will usually only ask for Angel intervention in dire need, such as car accidents, impending physical injury, or in the face of life-threatening danger. This is when concrete, earthly beliefs go right out the window and we call out for whoever is listening for help. There are many stories to be found of Angel intervention in just about any accident situation you can think of, on the internet. A few have even been made into movies.

You can ask for help with anything, and when we ask for help, they answer. I encourage people to ask but always with the suggestion of being careful of how you ask. Let’s say you need a new car. If you are specific, e.g. “I want a red Corvette with a drop top and spinner wheels” you might get just what you want, but will it be in your best interest? You might get that Corvette, but it will need work and it might be in the shop more than out, but you’ll have that red Corvette! A more fruitful request would be “I need a good vehicle to be my transportation.” This allows your Angels to address the answer in the best way possible for you at the time.  Remember, they know what you want because they know everything about you, and if they can deliver it while meeting your highest and best good, they will. However, if what you want is not necessarily in your highest and best good, your answer might look different than what you expect.

Angel Healing is the sharing of their healing energy to help others heal. I am attuned to the Seraphim Angels, who are the High Angels, and I channel their energy to facilitate the healing of mind, body and spirit of the people who come to me for help.  The Seraphim burn hot because of their proximity to The Creator. It means that their energy is hot and you can feel that heat during a healing session.

An Angel healing session starts will a full body scan and your Angels will communicate what your needs are for immediate focus. The Creator made an amazing work of wonder when we were made. The vessel we walk around in was made to be self-healing, if only we would stay out of the way. Sometimes we need a little help with that, and that’s what I provide.

To learn more about your Angels, or to schedule a session, I am available at DYSG on Wednesdays, 10am-5pm or contact me via my website, http://www.thelightofnature.com or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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