Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry with Janice Dau

When I began my metaphysical journey, I was not familiar with Sacred Geometry. Now I can’t stop looking at it and wondering why I am so intrigued. Let me share my journey with you.

After Reiki, I fell in love with Crystals. They are a beautiful product of Gaia. Holding them is a tangible way to remember our connection to Mother Earth. Crystals were created as the earth formed billions of years ago and I find it fascinating that the elements that help form certain crystals came to the earth from the cosmos through star explosions. As we are made of stardust, so are crystals.

Digging deeper I found crystal atoms have a repeating crystalline structure within the atom that connects, creating a lattice. Clear quartz results from Silicon and Oxygen (SiO4) and adding other elements results in color, like Rose Quartz and Iron.

A diamond is comprised of Carbon that has been exposed to extreme pressure. Its cubic structure is a repeating pattern of 8 atoms with cubes and tetrahedrons: both shapes of platonic solids.

Why are the five shapes of Platonic Solids important? I believe it is important to recognize these shapes as their repeating geometric patterns hold cosmic significance. These patterns are found in religious symbols, architecture, nature, the cosmos and are how nature self organizes, without outside influence. When I see one I think, “Hey! There is the intelligence of the universe!”

Plato believed that he could describe the Universe using five simple shapes. Stone models (perhaps dice?) of each of the Platonic solids in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford date to around 2000 BC, thousands of years before Plato made his observations. These solids were central to his vision of the physical world that links ideal to real, and microcosm to macrocosm in an original. Remember that Plato did not have all of the information that we have from the microscopic level. Imagine! 2000 BC! (Note: Plato from 300 or 400 BC)

These five unique shapes, —octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron, cube— have identically sized and shaped faces with all angles equal and all sides equal. (There is more, but you can research it if you are interested. )

Once I saw these shapes, I began to see them everywhere. In the book, Star Magic, Jerry Sargeant talks about seeing light with Sacred Geometry in it. I can’t help but think that he is seeing tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedrons and icosahedrons dancing in the light. Big ones, small ones, planetary sized ones: they became the shapes of my imagination. And then when thinking of healing, these shapes provide a blueprint to bring energy back into alignment, into harmony and proportion. If I see something amiss, I ask which shape will help, and I call upon it to help bring the energy into balance and harmony.

How does this work? Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” That means that what we consider solid matter is just a giggle in the fabric of space/time, and when out of alignment, manifesting as lack, pain, and struggle, it is easy to bring things back into harmony with the help of the Platonic Solid Shapes. Sacred Geometry is the communication system of Source Energy, and understanding the Platonic Solids, you know the ABCs of Source Energy. It is like speaking a new language.

I have learned one more thing about energy. The energy of the universe is a positive feedback loop. Here is an example from “When tissue is torn or injured, a chemical is released. This chemical causes platelets in the blood to activate. Once these platelets have activated, they release a chemical which signals more platelets to activate, until the wound is clotted.” When you use Sacred Geometry, you are saying to the Universe, via positive feedback loop, “I understand the language. I have a small idea (intention) or shape here, and I want to increase the magnitude or impact of this thing.” We will come back to this after we discuss the properties of each shape.

Each of the shapes has different properties and you can take advantage of those properties to work with elements and chakras as well. Let’s look at each one.


The Tetrahedron has four sides. It is a pyramid with a triangular base and is the simplest and most stable of all geometric forms. Nature likes it because it encloses the least volume with the greatest surface area. According to ancient traditions, it was the first 3-dimensional solid in the universe. It represents the solar plexus chakra and the element of fire (and the direction North). The universe is actually built on a tetrahedral truss system and if you imagine these tetrahedrons as the place where matter manifests, you can imagine creation sprouting from the fabric of space/time. This also is a model for some grid systems, where you see/imagine the fabric of space/time as a grid. Isn’t that powerful? You also can see/imagine your connection to all things through the lines in this grid.


The cube is six sided, each side being a square. It is very stable was well. Unlike the fire of the tetrahedron, the energy is grounding, like that of our root chakra. Also, the cube represents the element of the earth. It is also referred to as the hexahedron. Almost every element (except those that don’t happen naturally) will crystallize and relate to a cube.


The Octahedron has 8 triangular faces and is easy to remember because it is like an Egyptian pyramids where the lower halves are buried. It represents the Air element and relates to the heart and throat chakra. You can meditate with the shape in your mind if you are working on integration. Remember, you can ask the energy to entrain on the shape, so that you can come into balance and harmony.


The Icosahedron has 20 triangular faces. In 2-dimensions, it is a 6 sided polygon, a hexagram, which is the template for many Crystal grids. Snowflakes and honeycombs are shaped like hexagrams. It represents the water element which also relates to your sacral chakra. This shape helps with transformation and creativity.


A Dodecahedron has 12 5-sided faces, like a pentagon. Interestingly, this shape has to do with mystery and ascension. Plato said that the universe is in the shape of a dodecahedron. If you need more life force or prana, and want to connect to spirit and universe, use this shape. The element is Ether and can work with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra with the dodecahedron.

Now that you know the properties of these shapes (And as you grow, they may be different for you. There is no wrong answer.), let’s have some fun. Knowing that you want more integration in your life, you use the Octahedron to grow your intent to integrate. You use the Universe’s positive feedback loop. You have the shape in mind as the initial action, and then turning your attention to integration and the shape, you magnify and align with the energy. Dissonance dissolves. It is easy. It is joyful. You can do it.

To recap, Platonic Solids are an aspect of Sacred Geometry, providing the repeating geometric patterns that hold the cosmic blueprint of all things. I invite you to work with one of the shapes and feel into them. What energy does it offer you? Are you able to work with it? Talk to it? Perhaps remembering this information and tapping into the frequency and vibration, you can access your blueprint of health, reawaken DNA, allowing for more efficient and harmonious resonance that leads to more ease, joy, and peace in your world.

Who knows where your journey will lead!

Janice Dau, Abundance Facilitator and Frequency Alchemist, seeks a life of affluence, ease, and joy for all. By accessing the intelligence of the universe you live the life of your dreams. Janice’s values are clarity, simplicity, and fun. Learn more about Sacred Geometry in the 8 part series offered the last Thursday of the Month. October 25 we will be discussing Merkabas, November 29, Earth Grids, December 27, Consciousness Grids, January 31, Numbers and February 28, Phi Ratio. Start time is 7:00. Always. Please email with any questions. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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