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What Are the Akashic Records? And Why Does it Matter?

What Are the Akashic Records And Why Does it Matter

With the amount of metaphysical modalities out there today, it can be a daunting task to connect to the “right” divination method for your Spiritual growth. As consciousness shifts and questions are asked, answers can be spread thin across the multitude of different sources available from more than a few schools of thought. The intent with this article is to present the Akashic Records as a reliable source for personal connections to the wisdom of your Soul. Let the journey begin.

What are these Aka… Akāshi… how the heck do you say it? Truly, it doesn’t matter. However you pronounce what is in your awareness is fine. It is my opinion that correcting people when they obviously know what they are asking about is an ego judgment and creates a rift within the question/answer process. Say “Akashic” however you like… I am genuinely enthused that you are talking about it! So, what are the Akashic Records?

Please take a moment to consider an energetic hard drive that automatically stores all of your information. This massive file holds all your thoughts, interactions, decisions, choices, consequences, adventures, and down the line of everything your Soul has experienced in this lifetime. Wow! What a lot of info! Initially, the realization that all that stuff is accessible somewhere may spark a hint of discomfort that anyone can pluck those memories and know your deepest secrets. Breathe and relax. Your Akashic Records are just that, yours. Without expressed permission from you, the directories of your life are not accessible. There are no dips into someone’s record without a “yes” directly from the owner. The etheric energy where this bounty of data resides is called the Akashic Records.

For those who like a physical, 3D “place” where these records are held, it looks much like the blue hue around our incredible planet as viewed from space. The shimmering motion of the Aurora Borealis is similar to the motion of the Akashic Records. The energy of the Records is wise, loving and healing. Once you are connected, those are the only energies that will be emitted from the Akashic plane. Any sensations outside of those will most likely be your imagination, ego or a combination.

Do you recall the energetic hard drive I used earlier to represent the Akashic Records? This is where we expand on that, exponentially. Not only is your current lifetime documented in the Records, so are all your other lifetimes. All of our past life memories are held like books in a library and you have a pass that allows you to review your past lives at any time. Similar to this real world example, you must know how to get to the Records and how to read them when you get there. No worries! You already have the skills! More about that in a bit…

Notice that a belief in re-incarnation is a foundational aspect in understanding your place in the Universe, as read from the Akashic Records? Yep. If that does not jive with your belief system, I invite you to consider otherwise while I share the advantages of knowing, viewing and reawakening the talents stored as a result of previous incarnations. Why does this matter?

When you experience lessons in your reality, the situation is stored in your brain’s memory. Instantaneously, that lesson is applied to avoid repeated mistakes in the present. Because you remember what went wrong before, you are able to make a different decision in alignment with your desired outcome. Your perception is influenced in the current moment by the undesirable results experienced in your past. The same is true for your current lifetime’s repeated behaviors where you continue to have the same troublesome results. The answer to freeing yourself from those cycles is to uncover the original choice that set these circumstances in motion.

If, during a previous lifetime, you have taken a vow of poverty it is quite possible that you may have issues around creating wealth in your current lifetime. By accessing your Akashic Records, or allowing an experienced reader access, you can get to the bottom of those pesky, reoccurring negative results. With that knowledge, your clearing begins at the moment the pattern was created. This realigns all memories, emotions and experience with understanding of the lesson learned.

What are the Akashic Records? An energetic database of your Soul’s journey. Why does it matter? Within those records are answers directly related to YOUR experience and how YOU dealt with previous issues. Once the initial choice is established and understood, the clearing of ongoing situations can be successful and permanent.

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