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Past Lives and What They Potentially Mean


I have contemplated Past Lives for a number of years. I remember first being asked if I believed in Past Lives well over 20 years ago. My answer, at the time, was that I was not sure. I knew I didn’t discount the aspect but as I hadn’t ever experienced Past Lives, I just wasn’t sure.

I consider myself a Gnostic and in this I find that my personal transformation comes through direct experiences of spirituality. Because of this I knew I would need to experience an aspect of Past Lives to be able to understand, integrate and to answer such a question. My quest began.


In asking for clarity and understanding, I began having what I refer to as ‘snapshots’ of Past Lives, experiences, etc. When I would meet someone that I shared a past with, this connection and/or event would pop into my awareness offering me what I needed to explain our association in this life and the reason for it. I began to have deeper and deeper involvement with my Past Lives. The intensity grew, and with it more understanding.

I received answers regarding Past Lives but, still wasn’t sure of their validity. Ok, I understand they could assist one in accepting relationships and their nuances but I so felt there had to be more to all of this. This began a new step into the quandary of the magnitude of Past Lives.

A friend, soul brother, mentioned to me at one point – Divinity; he would say, “Are you in your Divinity?”

That took me to a new point of deliberate consideration regarding Past Lives. Was there a correlation between Divinity and Past Lives? Were Past Lives here as a directive?

As I began to channel the presence of Mary, The Magdalene – she began to show me new expressions on how Past Lives can be alive and well within current lives. At this point, I began to truly remember. The energy moved past belief to knowing.

I remember the healings of Yeshua and Mary.
I remember how these healings were done.
AND! I remember how they were taught.

Mary encouraged me to embrace who and what I was at the time of my life with her and Yeshua. Through a process of time, nurturing and love from my teachers (Yeshua and Mary) I have embraced the time I shared with them on the planet as well as the time we share in the here and now as I am on the Earth Plane.

I remember a full life of memories and experiences from the time we were all on this Earth. In regards to how the Healings were taught and shared with others was through a Teaching I developed at the time. It has taken me some time to step fully into this and accept that yes, this was me and still is.

Regarding the memories of this Past Life, my current life and how they connect has to do with my personal Divinity. What I was (an observer, a recorder, a creator of Teachings) is what I am now in this life. This is my Divinity and to be within this frequency that is “home” to my soul.

I am now in the process of bringing this Teaching back into our world – back to the Earth Plane. It has been hiding and in the place of The Mystery. It is time, once again, for it to be revealed and brought back, to be navigated through and to be utilized.

To answer the initial question of “Past Lives and What They Potentially Mean?”:
They can be a tool of our soul’s innate knowing that delivers to us information regarding our Divinity. In this, we are accepting of our soul’s mission to be truly authentic to our Divine Purpose – as the Rose of our energetic heart space is expanded to the point where we step fully into knowing we are Elohim. In this we welcome and become the I AM presence and are well within our soul, individually as well as collectively.

I will be holding a number of Introductions to what I am referring to as the Healing Path of The Rose. I will be holding these at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts as well as various locations to give as many people as possible an opportunity to hear about this Teaching.

I will begin the 1st of the actual Teachings of the Healing Path of The Rose beginning December 21, 2018.
This date is quite specific as the Winter Solstice – The time of the return of the Light of this extraordinary Healing Teaching. You can expect high intensity of information through ritualistic interaction, vibrational introductions and so much.

I look forward to seeing who is called to join me on this Odyssey of Discovery.

Written by: Susanah Tamar Magdalena, Proprietress 

The Beloved Heart Source LLC – Home of the Healing Path of The Rose


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