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The LOUD VOICE vs the Soft Voice: Who Do You Listen To?


As we enter into 2019, we reflect back on the last year of our life and begin our own process of manifesting our new resolutions. Hopefully, you recognize your successes for the year and you are looking forward to an even more promising new year.

In looking back at past years what made some years better than other years? Were you listening to the LOUD VOICE or the Soft Voice through your life path? As Americans we are taught the LOUDER, brasher, and pushier we are, the more successful and happier we will be. And as long as those behaviors are rewarded those behaviors hold steadfast in our society. What does LOUD really manifest for you?

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” – Ram Dass

The Quieter You Become Picture

The LOUD VOICE can be the Left Brain - neon sign, obnoxious, overbearing voice - that just keeps coming at you until you submit miserably. It will destroy you, laugh at you, and will lead you down roads you wish you had never been down. It is a lack of peace and serenity. It is forcefulness, fear-based, destruction, unloving, and full of lies. It is not your BFF.

The Soft Voice can be the Right Brain, candlelight, giving you a nudge, but also allowing your free-will to listen and make your own choices. It will never lead you astray, misguide you, tear you down, or set you up for failure. It will lead you with love and for your highest good. It is quiet, peaceful, and serene. It is the manifestation of good for all. It is your BFF team!

So, who do we usually listen to? Of course, the LOUD VOICE. It is in your face 24/7 and it only makes sense that we hear something that obnoxious all the time, right? “Everyone does it.” Did your mama every say to you, “If everyone was jumping off a cliff, would you do it?” Lemmings are an animal that follows each other right off a cliff. Are you a Lemming? We are also told, “Well, it’s not as bad as it could be or it’s not as bad as . . .” At what point is the acceptance or tolerance level considered bad enough? Do we sit on the sidelines just watching how the LOUD VOICE continues to lead us LOUDLY down the path of destruction?

When I share stories, I share personal stories that I have lived in order to provide real life scenarios that others may be able to relate to. Back in 2013, I attended a Séance run by a popular Denver Psychic. He gave me a reading that I will never forget. He shared that he saw “a dark hole” and that my “job was going to destroy (kill) me.” You would think with a reading like that I would have gotten out of dodge! But nooooo. The LOUD VOICE kept telling me, “You are lucky to have this job in Corporate America” and “with your medical disability you would be stupid to start hopping jobs because of your need for health insurance.” In truth, I was terrified of the whole health insurance thing and also ending up somewhere much worse in Corporate America – and the LOUD VOICE played it for all it was worth! So, I continued on my path.

I had started receiving Astrology readings about once a year and the Astrologist I went to kept telling me that there was a small window of opportunity to make a career change in my life and start doing something I was “supposed to be doing.” The Astrologist was what I would call the “Middle Voice” between the LOUD VOICE and the Soft Voice. His reading was a story I had heard for a couple of years that kept me looking, but not finding “it.” Over time, as people were laid off, retired, and moved on to other opportunities at Company L, I became the last (wo)man standing in the area I was in. The LOUD VOICE kept telling me, “See it is a good thing you stayed, now you might amount to something at Company L!” The LOUD VOICE really knew how to push my buttons.

In 2016, the Soft Voice suggested cleaning up my resume and just getting it out there, because things were going to change. (The writing was on the wall). I literally was feeling like the walls were caving in and I was being buried alive at Company L. I was playing both sides of the fence with the LOUD VOICE and the Soft Voice, I was applying for jobs within the Evil Empire I worked for, but I was also applying for jobs at other Corporate America Empires. In 2017, a lot of serious discrimination surfaced for many with age, disability, gender, and sexual harassment and one day, I was gone. I skipped over to the Company R and within a month after starting with Company R, sexual harassment and disability discrimination arose there too - along with the company trying to strongarm me into breaking Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) / Non-Disclosure (NDA) information about Company L. The LOUD VOICE was getting very LOUD and condescending. The Soft Voice kept sharing with me to just keep looking, things were going to work out. It was really hard to believe it since the LOUD VOICE was so prominent. Retribution had started and was skyrocketing at work and I was ready to scream with madness. But you have to continue acting like you still have it all pulled together for the spectators.

In February 2018, terrified out of my mind, I started making some choices that I had never consider making previously. I changed jobs again, this time it was clear down in Colorado Springs. By the way, with both job changes, I had received better health insurance and promotions and I now I was allowed to work from home too. However, after what I had gone through with all the unprofessional, personal and sexual harassment attacks, I was really struggling with being positive or having any faith in the employment system, and was clearly wondering, "Is this it? Is this my Corporate America career happily ever after?"

In the middle of all of this, I had walked away from my original spiritualism search for a while. As I began to be able to breath a little easier, I started soul searching again and I decided to send a few things out into the Universe about what I was looking for, for my own highest good opportunity. The Soft Voice reminded me I needed to be a little bit more open-minded about how I was going to get there. I began to work with an intuitive mentor over the summer. I tried to get work, or even student work as a reader, through some of the established metaphysical stores in the Denver area without any bites. At the end of the summer, I received an e-mail about a intuitive program I had already attended, but it was now at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG). I decided to sign up and intuitively refresh myself. Unknown to me at the time, I was being led back to where I needed to be. Strange enough, I didn’t talk to any of the intuitives or healers at DYSG about working at DYSG. I just happened to talk to Tom, Vialet’s husband, and found out we both work in the same industry by day and he (Tom) sold me on considering DYSG as my intuitive work opportunity. The requirements I sent out in the Universe came back and landed SMACK! in my lap. When the Universe delivers on your request, you don’t turn your back on it or question it. Accept it, grab hold of the reigns, and enjoy the ride . . . or hold on for dear life, because it is now moving full speed ahead!

Sometimes we are not ready for what the Soft Voice is trying to tell us and sometimes the LOUD VOICE just won’t get out of the way. If we have enough LOUD VOICE humbling or self- destructive experiences and begin to listen to the answers of our own questions, we can manifest our present and future happiness. The Soft Voice will not force us down this path, but it is patiently waiting for us to finally take this path.

I still work in Corporate America, but as I immerse myself into doing what we are all about, I am very excited about the possibilities and making a dream come true. There are times I feel like I am going to drop from exhaustion and feel down right overwhelmed. But a part of successfully coaching myself through this is understanding what is important and allowing the extracurricular noise of the LOUD VOICE to be gagged, beaten into submission, and locked in a closet. When you begin taking the baby steps towards your goals, your needs, your wants, your happiness, your success, the Soft Voice becomes the master partner in your life and the steps become the soft strides of angelic beings of our Universe.

I still get to “negotiate” with the Slave Master, the LOUD VOICE, but I do trust and search for the Soft Voice without any question because it has not steered me wrong yet. It is always there and provides its loving knowing wisdom. I realize I have to stop, calm down, breathe, meditate, listen, engage, trust, and manifest before engaging for the better good of my higher self and with pure positive intent. As crazy as some of this stuff sounds, it works, it is peaceful, loving and just magically feels right.

Written by: Delaina Allen

If you believe that you need Intuitive Coaching, you can schedule a consultation and find out more about the techniques that I use for myself and with clients. Check out the DYSG webpage to find out more.

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