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The Empowering Message of Flowers

empowerment of flowers

The Victorian era offered many different aspects of expression. 

One of these has to do with flower messages. A Posy or a Nosegay (also known a bouquet) was often given. The message they held made these a special gift.

Every British royal bride since 1858 has carried a sprig of myrtle — the “herb of love” — in her wedding bouquet. The tradition started when Queen Victoria was gifted a posy of myrtle flowers by Prince Albert’s grandmother in 1845. 

The question is, “What is the meaning behind the Myrtle flower being in a posy?”


  • Chastity
  • Marital Fidelity
  • Good Luck
  • Prosperity

Roses are the most common flower with the expression of Love – typically given on Valentine’s Day. Roses are said to be the favorite flower of Venus – the Goddess of Love. The rose has long been a strong symbol of beauty, passion and love. But, there is much more to roses and the individual colors.

  • Red Roses – Love and Passion
  • Yellow Roses – Friendship
  • White Roses – True Love and Purity of the Mind
  • Pink Roses – Friendship or a Sweetheart (also good for young girls)
  • Purple Roses - Love at first sight or just an enchanting way to say, "I love you!" 
  • Peach Roses – Gratefulness and a Show of Appreciation
  • Cream Roses – Indicative of Charm and Thoughtfulness
  • Black Roses – Farewell

Sometimes the numbers say everything...

  • A single rose of any color depicts the utmost devotion or a way to say "thank you"
  • Two roses entwined together communicate "marry me" (a red and white rose entwined means unity)
  • Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished
  • Eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved
  • Thirteen roses indicate a secret admire

Protea are symbolic of change and transformation and signify daring and resourcefulness. 
Orchids are the symbol for exotic beauty and embody refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm.
Peonies are symbolic of romance, prosperity and a happy marriage. 
Tulips are said to be a declaration of love and are symbolic of passion. 
Dahlias are symbolic of staying graceful under pressure - especially by drawing on an inner strength.
Lilies are known for being symbolic of majesty and royalty. They also symbolize motherhood and fertility and the beauty of youth. 
Sunflower is a signifier of pure thoughts, adoration and dedication. As the colour and name suggests it also conveys warmth and happiness. 
Daffodils: daffodils were known to represent chivalry and unrequited love. 
Daisies: daisies often symbolized innocence and purity. 
Crocuses: crocuses were said to mean youth and cheerfulness.

Violets: violets were used to symbolize faithfulness and modesty.

As February is the month of the expression of Love don’t forget the aspect of Self-Love. Give yourself permission to treat yourself with the beauty and the message of flowers. As you connect with this vibration and learn to love the integral beauty of flowers – please don’t wait until February to have this loveliness in your home on a regular basis.In the aspect of expression, treat someone you know that holds a special place in your heart with the message of flowers! Write a card and share the message. Bring the intricate language of flowers back into our world.Susanah Magdalena of The Beloved Heart Source, LLC works with flowers and the energy of flowers and has done so for a number of years. Her intent is to bring their vibrations into our world. Susanah has created of her own design, a Teaching she refers to as the Healing Path of The Rose and in this also offers powerful expressions of her Gifts of Spirit through Rose Messages and Healings.To Find out More about Susanah please visit:
www.thebelovedheartsource.com   www.healingpathoftherose.com

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