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Understanding and Healing from Grief - a Special Message from One Feather

grief and one feather

Channeled by Alisa Loper, Spiritual Medium 

This evening we will speak to you about grief. Grief in its truest form is from love. Grief is nothing to fear. Only when one allows oneself to fear grief…to worry about feeling grief…does grief cause any harm.

Grief is present when one perceivesa loss of some sort. It’s a tug at one’s heart, an absence of energy, a vacuum, if you will, that is created when something loved or someone loved is missing. 

The brain is constantly searching for something wrong - as a protective device. When someone loved, or something loved, is no longer in your awareness, the brain perceivesthis as a loss, and grief can ensue. 

There are 3 things to keep in mind that will support you when you are grieving…when you perceive a loss: 

1:  Grief is a natural and normal part of the human existence. You cannot escape grief, nor is it recommended that you do – as suppressing feelings, such as grief, can cause illness and prolong a deep sense that something is wrong. 

2:  Grief is a perceptionof loss. Understanding that everything and everyone is energy, and that energy can never be destroyed, only transformed, no one and no-thing are ever truly ‘gone’. 

3:  Trust in God – whomever you conceive Him to be, trust that you are a Divine Being, a spark of the Divine, and hold your loved one - or what you treasure - in your heart, knowing that all is indeed in Divine Order, and ask for peace and it shall be so. The perception of peace may not be identified immediately; however, trusting that peace will be present in perfect timing will in itself provide a greater sense of peace, thereby alleviating some of your grief.

Did you know that all energy is connected? You may read this or hear this in many texts and conversations, especially those on a more spiritually awake path. Nothing and no one is ever lost, nor gone. 

Your Divine Creator has a beautiful plan for you, my friends. When you look back on your life – and as you continue to look back on your life as you grow older – you will see a web of Divine Order and Divine Creation – how people and certain ‘things’ showed up in your life at the perfect time. Whether or not this is perceived as positive or negative, they all served a Divine purpose to support you on your soul’s evolution.

So in conclusion my beloved friends, never fear the loss of something or someone you hold dear…they are but a breath away…and trust your Almighty Creator to fulfill your Grand Plan in exactly the most perfect way for you. 

~One Feather 

Alisa Loper is a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer, and Akashic Record Reader. She is at DYSG on Sundays and the 1stSat of every month from 10am-5pm and Monday nights from 5-8pm and also conducts readings by phone. To learn more about Alisa and her services, please visit:  www.alisaloper.comor to schedule an appointment, email her at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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