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What is the Root Cause? Be Kind and Love Yourself

What is the Root Cause

What is the root cause of your current (health) situation?

What is stopping you from healing?

Do you feel like you are on an endless path chasing issues, but never resolving anything?

Because most of us are familiar with Corporate America, I’m going to use terms from the Business World to help clarify Root Cause (RC) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).  RC is defined as a factor that has caused a nonconformance, of standard or behavior, and should be permanently eliminated (cured or healed) through a form of process improvement. RCA is a term that describes a wide range of approaches, tools, and techniques used to uncover causes of problems or issues.  A technique used as a part of the RCA method is using the “5 Whys” analyzing phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) methodology. This technique is called “5 Whys,” however, you may find you will need to ask the questions more or less times than five (5) before you find the real issue related to a problem or issue.

Wikipedia provides an example of the “5 Whys”:

“The Problem:” The vehicle (car) will not start.

  1. First, Why? - The battery is dead.
  2. Second, Why? - The alternator is not functioning.
  3. Third, Why? - The alternator belt has broken.
  4. Fourth, Why? - The alternator belt was well beyond its useful service life and not replaced.
  5. Fifth, Why? - The vehicle was not maintained according to the recommended service schedule. (A root cause)

So, RC is basically an agent, failure, or fault, from which a chain of effects or failures originates.  In health terms, it is the health situation that has caused the rippling effect of pain, suffering, and a list of medical conditions that you are working on/with or endlessly chasing.

RCA is a method of problem solving used for identifying the root causes of faults, problems or issues. Being able to define and describe properly the issue or problem (“Five Whys” technique) is also a person’s first step in mastering one’s healing journey. In Corporate America, the next step is to establish a timeline back to normalcy from the crisis or failure situation by distinguishing between root causes and causal factors to help correct and normalize the situation.  Likewise, with a health concern.  Because we live in a world full of human beings, have you ever noticed that the root cause quite often comes down to a human related error or reason?

Using the previous vehicle example, it was uncovered that there were a number of reasons as to why the car wouldn’t start. However, in looking at all the reasons, we start finding out what the real “why” caused the chain of problems to exist to eventually the car not starting.  The vehicle was not maintained according to the recommended schedule, which led to the alternator belt to break and not function, which in turned caused the battery to die.  The vehicle could not repair or maintain itself, it needed a human to take the necessary steps/actions.  Human cause and effect.  

When it comes to our own health there is a variety of answers for why.  Anything from DNA, genetics, age, stress, hormones, environment, drugs, how we were brought up, improper eating, alcohol, not enough rest, not enough or too much exercise, job, the couch rolled on top of me . . . it could be all, some, one or none of these reasons, but know that you can overcome anything with a strategy, a mindset, and commitment.

There’s a sports analogy that says it is 80% mindset and 20% skill to be a successful athlete.  This can be applied in ANYTHINGwe participate in.  Our mind is the strongest component in everything we do.  Get your mind on board and you are 80% there.

I also believe our emotions are tied to our health because our emotions and our mindset are entangled.  If you reflect back to the beginning of when you were not feeling your best or being diagnosed with a condition, what was going on in your life? what were your big stressers? What emotions were you feeling? What was your environment like? How much of it are you carrying today? If you were born with a health condition, what was going on with your parents at the time of conception and the nine (9) months up until birth (specifically with your mother)?

Our mindset and emotions are heavily linked and create emotional mind loops that we find ourselves entrapped in that we live over and over on a daily basis leaving us in despair about our life situations, our health, our relationships, our work, our personal lives and how we see ourselves and everyone around us.


As a human race we do a lot of negative things to ourselves.  We don’t follow our own personal owner’s manual.  We don’t keep up on our physical, mental, or emotional maintenance. And then we wonder why we break down, don’t feel well, and/or we are struggling.  We look outside ourselves at others with scrutiny, and ask why does she/he have it so good or so easy?  Without even knowing or walking a mile in another person’s shoes.  You would be very surprised how many people are struggling or being challenged with something or many things, or how bad it really is for other people.  Just because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

This brings me to a very serious question.  Do you love yourself?  And I don’t mean generally like or tolerate, or maybe sometimes, or when you get around to it, or after you finish self-sabotaging or hurting yourself. I mean, do you REALLY love yourself? Do you know what it means to love yourself?  Love yourself first.  If you don’t love yourself, how can you love or be loved by someone else as much as you desire?  Believe it or not, there are a lot of rich and famous people out there that are VERY unhappy.  Money is an enabler, it provides, and it can buy A LOT of things.  But at the end of the day, does your money love you and does it make you happy?  If you have money, and then you didn’t, would you still have your “friends” or your “significant other” or command the “respect” you have now?  Does money buy true love?

A very serious topic is suicide.  Suicide is at a very high rate.  Millions of adults think about suicide.  Many more adults may not think of suicide, but wish they could pass on.  Obviously, not everyone acts on committing suicide. And most people don’t talk about it. If one does not commit suicide, then other destructive behaviors/actions come into play in order to deal with depression and other negative feelings, such as an addiction in order to compensate for the pain one is feeling.  Alcohol, drugs, acting out towards other people, retail therapy, over or under eating, cutting, excessive compulsive behaviors are just some of things people do to compensate for the hate and/or hurt/pain they have for/in themselves.  So, back to the question, do YOU love yourself?

Picture3  Picture4

Being healthy, feeling good and loving yourself is everyone’s right. There is plenty of great health, feeling good and love available to go around and there is no shortage on it.  But, YOU need to take the first step.  There are numerous healing modalities out there.  I personally believe finding the right combination for one’s self is a personal journey that should be taken very seriously.  Facing that person in the mirror each day takes courage and commitment to yourself.  I have worked with clients over the years who are afraid to foster conversations with someone, afraid of being judged, afraid of looking bad, afraid of someone knowing their dark secrets.  Be not afraid.  Find that specialist to help you through your own healing journey.  No matter what it is.  I would love to have everyone be a Rockstar (the hero) of their own story.  

I try to make powerful statements by example and from the strength of who I am.  When you meet me, I’m soft spoken and a quiet person that comes from a place of truth. My own truth.  I’m an intuitive coach, a spiritualist, intuitive healer that provides individualized programs using intuitive coaching methods through intuitive readings, Rife Machine treatments, emotional healing techniques, and teaching/working with clients on the power of their own mind and emotions. I combine numerous healing modalities into an individualized package for each individual client in order to help them take back their own power and strength. I provide the tools and supportive coaching system to support one’s healing journey.

Life is like a marathon.  In the beginning you are excited about the prospects of the race. Somewhere in the middle a big storm comes in and nearly wipes you out.  You have blisters on your feet, your dead tired, thirsty, and you are ready to quit.  There have been many marathoners who have been seconds from getting around the corner to the end zone of the race, but have quit, because in their mind they cannot see beyond where they are at, at that moment, so it can’t possibly be close to being over or be any better.  Look past where you are today, be kind and love yourself.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYiM-sOC6nE(Andrew Peterson - Be Kind to Yourself (Official Lyric Video)



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