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Promoting Connection with Community Events

Promoting Connection with Community Events

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts began with an idea and a passion. The owner and Magical Creator of DYSG, Vialet Rayne, wanted to create a spiritual center and she wanted it to be an inclusive community. The vision was that all spiritual seekers would feel welcome and woule be encouraged to explore their spiritual gifts in a safe and supportive environment.

I love that about this center. I also love that DYSG has over 60 team members! That includes our teachers, our practitioners that rent space and see clients, the readers of our official reader program and our staff. Beyond Team Purple (as we call ourselves), we also have a vibrant, eager and growing community. One of the challenges we have is - how do we nurture our team and our community and keep that feeling of inclusiveness and belonging alive? 

With the hectic day to day operation of running a spiritual center and metaphysical store, it can be easy to lose track of our main vision. So, one of the ways we look to nurture our community is by regularly hosting community events here at the center. None of these events require a fee to attend. We typically have a discount for store purchases, refreshments and some fun activity arranged. They also tend to be seasonal, so if you missed something super fun - there's a good chance it will be back around. 

Here are some of our 2019 community events. If you are interested in attending any of these, go ahead and put them on your calendar! Invite your friends or anyone you think might be interested and join us for connection and fellowship - the DYSG way.

Hopefully, you find something you'd love to attend and we can't wait to connect with you at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.

Seasonal Events

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 3.25.38 PM

This is our summer community event. The team members will be serving ice cream sundaes. 

  • FREE ice cream
  • FREE refreshments
  • 10% Off Retail purchases
  • Register to win a FREE 30 minute reading

Come by and see us for some FREE ice cream.

Register: Click here

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 3.26.34 PM

We want to celebrate YOU today! Stop by and join us for our Community Appreciation Day.

  • FREE refreshments
  • 10% Off Retail purchases
  • Register to win a FREE 30 minute reading

Register: Click here

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 3.27.29 PM

Join us for a potluck social. Bring a dish and connect with like-minded individuals as we are thankful for all that we have in our life.

DYSG will provide the meat for the event. We ask that you bring in the sides.

Post your dish in the comments on Meetup, so we can ensure that we have a great mixture of items. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Register: Click here

Community Movie Nights

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 3.30.10 PM

Come and enjoy a movie with us for FREE!!!

This is one of many of our community events that we offer for FREE at the center. We will have popcorn and snacks. Bring a friend or your family and join us for Movie Night. 

Movie Night is scheduled on Friday night at 6:30 pm. 

Fun with Oracle Cards

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 3.34.07 PM

Join us for our first ever FUN WITH ORACLE CARDS Party! Come solo or bring a friend and enjoy a free evening of playing with our many oracle card decks, receiving messages and sharing in a magical social experience!

- Connect and bond with friends
- Give and receive support in a fun and meaningful way
- Share mystical insight into life
- Gather to set intentions
- Tap into the sacred Divine
- Speak your truth and hear other’s stories
- Motivate and inspire each other
- Have an amazing, magickally fun time!

This program is FREE to our community members. 

May 3, 2019: First One Ever!

September 13, 2019: Spirit Animals Edition

January 3, 2020: Angels Edition


We have a number of different fairs throughout the year. Mark your calendars for these in 2019!

Spring Craft Fair & Spiritual Bazaar - May 25th, 2019

Reader/Healer Fair - Are You Ready for Transformation? - June 15th, 2019

Local Spiritual Author Fair & Book Signing - July 20th, 2019

Reader & Healer Fair - What Do You Need to Release? - October 5th, 2019

Holiday Craft Fair & Spiritual Bazaar - November 30th, 2019

Book Club

Screen Shot 2019 04 29 at 3.38.33 PM

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) offers a monthly book club on the third Saturday of the month from 8 am to 9:30 am. You can purchase your book at the DYSG Retail Store. If you purchase the book at the center, you can attend the book club for FREE. If you love to read, you will love this program. The individuals come together to discuss their perceptions, thoughts and general perspective of the concepts, theories and tools within the books. 

You will need to read the book before attending the program. Refreshments are provided. Come and join us for a discussion on your favorite books or get inspired with these books. 

Stop by the center and pick up your books today!

Cost: $5 (if you bought your book elsewhere)

May: The Council of Light
June: Opening the Akashic Records
July: No Book Club in July
August: Return of the Divine Sophia
September: The Miracle Club
October: Journey of the Souls
November: Michael's Sword & You
December: The Power of the Infinity Symbol

Written by Nikki Milton, Center & Marketing Manager of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Nikki is the Marketing Manager at the center. She manages the center's social media, marketing and newsletter. She works at the center on Monday and Fridays. Come by and allow us to provide you with a tour of the center. 

She is also the creator of the Guardians of the Divine Facebook Group. This group exists for folks who own a spiritual business - whether you are a healer, coach, practitioner, teacher or reader - Guardians of the Divine is the place to gather to seek help and support in growing your spiritual business. Members receive regular advice, tips and support in branding, marketing, building, and expanding your divine work. 

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Vialet Rayne of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts created an inclusive and welcoming spiritual center and metaphysical store in historical downtown Littleton, Colorado. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts is a haven for those seeking and teaching spirituality. This sacred sanctuary and loving community exist to heighten our individual and collective consciousness while unearthing and sharing each individual's inner gifts.

We'd love to connect with you and engage with you!

To get the most updated class schedule, you can visit our Meetup Page.
We also have our own spiritual networking group that you can find on Meetup.
Check out videos about our space, our classes and our team on YouTube.
We also have a FacebookPinterest and Twitter page.

Come visit our center any day of the week. We'd love to show you around!



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