Life's Not Always Perfect

Lifes Not Always Perfect

There are moments where those of us on the spiritual path have a hard time understanding why things in our life aren’t running perfectly. It is as if we expect everything to be golden and blissful as long as we are spiritual, as long as we have the universe on our side, right? We are intuitive, sensitive, empathic, we are plugged in so how come we are not in complete alignment? How do we put ourselves in situations that aren’t serving our highest good? Well…the answer is simple, there are ingrained patterns or old ways of thinking that still need to go. We have work to do and that is what the path is about. 

To be honest, the idea behind walking this golden line is that yes, we are in the flow, we are in alignment with what is true for us and are orchestrating it. We are standing in our strength and personal power. However, we all have heavy burdens, traumas, and negative or karmic choices that we hold on to or continue to perpetuate and must work through these in order to let go and continue our process of growth. The process that the soul goes through to get to a place of alignment and flow can be an arduous one. Not only have we lived a multitude of lives, but since the day we were born we have been raised by the society we are in, the media we are exposed to, the families we chose, not to mention whatever it is we brought with us from before. Through that process there are all sorts of conditioning and traumas that we must face and that is not always easy or comfortable. However, one must step through the fire to get to the light.

Perhaps part of the journey is learning what empowers you, and what doesn’t. It takes time and work to get to a place where we know 100% beyond a doubt that what we are doing or the choices we make are what is true for us. We may find that we put ourselves in situations that aren’t serving us and then notice that old patterns are arising out of these situations. Old patterns that we don’t want to be present in our lives anymore, that we thought we had worked through. Others of us may find ourselves feeling stuck or that we aren’t thriving. It can be a helpless feeling to be in a place where in order to feel better, change is required. Facing the fire in order to get to the light can involve making choices that precipitate the insecurities in us or are out of our comfort zone. However, if we can trust in what we know is for our highest good and take the necessary steps to get there, even if it requires doing something that invokes old fears, often times it leads to personal growth. 

It can be difficult for us when a mistake is made. It tends to emphasize old wounds and triggers that we may have stuffed down deep and subconsciously ignored. When these triggers come to the surface, notice them. What feelings are you experiencing? Where are they coming from? Has there been a shift in their intensity? Having self-awareness and recognizing what is happening to you is the first step in the battle.  Why is this happening? What is this pattern and how can I stop perpetuating it? How can I face this and let it go? Instead of beating yourself up, acknowledge that with the recognition, there has been growth. The next step is to take the appropriate action in order to resolve it and put yourself into alignment again.

As we maneuver through this life, we must acknowledge that there will be mishaps.  We will make decisions that don’t serve us or that lead us to a negative place, and events will happen that cause hurt. Recognize that these ups and downs are part of what we need to experience in order to heal. This ebb and flow is part of the natural rhythm and it is during the periods of discomfort where the work we need to do presents itself.  This is part of life and life is not perfect. This is the work that leads us to be stronger, more connected, and more aware of what serves our highest good and who we truly are. 

As energetic beings we have free will and with that free will we all have choice. Although we are spiritual and connected that still requires our inner self to pay attention and listen. Our helpers are all around us and can guide us when we ask for their help or tune in from a place that is not the mind. However, if we do not listen or if we are caught up in our ego, fear, judgment or anything that is not our authentic self then we may not hear that guidance or even worse, not trust it.

Please remember that no one is living your life but you. It is through adversity that we grow, we transform, and that a stronger more beautiful you can be reborn. The path of growth is a lifelong endeavor so be gentle with yourself and realize that without the mishaps, there aren’t lessons, and without the lessons, there isn’t growth. It is the growth that leads us to the place we want to be…. 

Written by Jennifer Roe

Jennifer Roe is a Red Hat Chi Gong Energy Healer and Spiritual Advisor who has office locations in Durango as well as at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton. To learn more about Jennifer and how she can help you, please visit her website at

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