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Breaking the Cycle of Following Feelings, Instead of Your True Intuition

Genevieve Clough

Here is one of the greatest life lessons you’ll learn during your stay in this very human life: Your emotions, and the stories and behavior patterns that come along with them, do not accurately reflect the truth.

There, I said it. And sometimes that's a hard pill to swallow for intuitives and empaths who often default to flowing through life on the whims of their ever changing emotional state. It’s just so easy to confuse a profound emotional response incorrectly as being our deeper sense of "knowing” about the world around us!


But let me tell you -- Your deepest intuitive knowing and your emotions aren't always on the same page. In fact, I'd wager that if you haven't fully gained ownership of your intuitive knowing, the two are at odds within you more often than not. 

Sometimes something might FEEL right emotionally because it supports an old pattern of how you've learned to cope, comfort and pleasure yourself. But deep down you'll have a very quiet, gnawing knowingness that whatever this "feel-good" thing is, it's not really serving you.

Other times something might feel emotionally wrong. It'll make you feel tired, resistant and avoidant. Maybe insecure, uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. But that quiet intuitive knowingness is still within you, whispering to trust and keep going.

When sensitive and intuitive people have these living contradictions inside of them they can go to war with themselves. At their worst, they can completely self-destruct. When the emotions are high it feels easier to destroy ourselves than to risk the uncertain pain of actually trusting the Truth of our Knowingness!

Because the Truth feels utterly impossible when we have little emotional support to back it up. Especially when we've been relying exclusively on emotional feedback for "truthiness" evidence!

"I know I'm worthy... But I don’t feel it."

"I know I'm good enough to pursue my dream... But I've always felt paralyzed with anxiety about it so I don’t think I should go further.”

"I know I love her... But I've never felt good enough to show my true self."

Those are some very conflicting and confusing internal messages, aren’t they? No wonder we want to self destruct sometimes!

So, here's my message to you, sweet intuitives and sensitives of the world who are truly leading the way in healing humanity: Always let your intuitive voice coax your human heart off the ledge. Let your intuition fully take the wheel. Yes, your "knowingness" feels quieter than your intense emotion sometimes. But have you noticed that your knowingness is much more consistent, steady and solid than your fleeting emotions? It's not an unbridled flame dancing in the wind like your human feelings are. It's not easily snuffed out or ignited like your sensitive heart. Your intuition is a solid sanctuary of strength and knowledge. The very foundation that your beautiful heart has been longing for all this time -- and it's always been right there coaxing you home.

So, next time you notice a contradiction waging war inside you, go sit on the throne of your higher intuitive knowing. Only from that seat you can watch, and appreciate, the beautiful humanness and full range of depth in your heart’s search for human experience.

None of your emotions are unreasonable, but sometimes the choices we make as a consequence of our feelings can really make us lose sight of our greater Truth. So, don’t buy into any emotional volatility as evidence that you’re failing or going the wrong way. Trust that feelings were meant to come up and be felt, and that you have the strength and strong inner compass of intuition always leading you where you need to go. Be loving and kind to all, most importantly yourself. 

Written by Genevieve Clough, Psychic Life Coach

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