Archangels and Their Crystals

Archangels and their Crystals

Crystals are amazing energy stores and love to work with us: healing, protecting, loving, guiding and being our very own silent support team.  

We have a second support team that loves to support us when we ask, the Archangels.  We are going to explore which crystals are associated with the four ‘Powerhouse Archangels.’

Let’s start in the North with Archangel Uriel.  Amber and Tigers Eye are two of Uriel’s crystals to meditate with and enhance your connection. Archangel Uriel is the bringer of peace, spiritual understanding and helps with recovery of all kinds.  When you find a piece of Amber that you feel ‘calls to you,’ take the time to get to know this special friend.  Hold it in your palms, tap into its energy vibration and kindly set your intention that this beautiful crystal will be your connection to Archangel Uriel.  The more you work with your crystal, the more ‘powered up’ it will become.

Amber is said to enhance your intelligence center by containing or deleting negative emotions. It helps keep you from being overly emotional and is very calming. 

Tiger's Eye, with its gleaming bands of honey-gold and brown, is a stone of prosperity, luck and money. It can alleviate cravings, such as those associated with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and even food. It detoxifies the body and can give you an added boost of energy during times of weakness or physical exhaustion. Tiger's eye is linked to the Sun and the element of fire.  

Moving on to the West is Archangel Gabriel.  Gabriel’s crystals are Citrine and Aquamarine.  Citrine is one of my favorite crystals for happiness and abundance. Archangel Gabriel is known for strength, communication and creativity.  Citrine helps build up one’s stamina and makes it easier to keep going through difficult processes.  It can help provide a sense of stability when things are moving along too fast.  

When the creative juices are flowing, you want to have the strength and the words to articulate your fabulous idea, use your citrine to help connect to Archangel Gabriel.  Your connection to this crystal is opening up the doorway for clearer communication so you can hear/see/feel/know Gabriel’s message of support. 

Aquamarine is the stone of the sea. This pale, clear blue stone can help with clairvoyance, intuition and meditation. It's a soothing crystal to have on hand during extreme anxiety or panic attacks. Aquamarine can be used during distance healing.  At home, this crystal can bring back loving communication between partners, and can be helpful with children, especially if they have a fear of water.

To the South we have the mighty Archangel Michael and two of his crystals, Sugilite and Clear Quartz. Archangel Michael is a mighty warrior and the one they say ‘who is like God.’  Connecting to him through your crystals is an invitation to invite in his protection, releasing of fear, helping to cut old energetic cords to give you strength and confidence. 

Sugilite helps create a state of receptiveness to spiritual influences from higher planes of existence. It can help you balance, heal and open all chakras, particularly the seventh. It can also be a valuable aid to channeling.  

Clear Quartz: This beautiful universal stone is like a universal blood type. Clear Quartz helps you see whatever it is that one needs to see, heal what needs to be healed and balance what needs to be balanced. To program a Quartz Crystal, hold it in your left hand. Concentrate on something you want to manifest in our life while looking at a particular facet of that crystal. Focus on manifestation and then tap it with the forefinger of your right hand. When the crystal has manifested for you, clear it by focusing on that same facet and blow on it with the intention to clear.  It is then ready for reprograming. 

Archangel Raphael is in the East, as the Archangel of Healing and Learning.  Two of the crystals associated with Raphael are Aventurine Green and Malachite. Archangel Rafael’s color is associated with emerald green and is a powerful force when you call on him for healing: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  

Malachite is one of the most powerful balancing stones. It helps you to be flexible and moving forward in your day, even when things seem out of sorts.  It can help you have a loving tolerance toward others and keeps your frequency rates stable.  And in this time of so much energy fluxuation, malachite can be a very good friend to you.

Aventurine Green is great for enhancing self-esteem, especially when life has been harsh.  Helps build up positive feelings when you have been living in a place of fear and survival.  Enables you to operate from a sense of universal truth and love.

Channeling Archangel Raphael’s healing energy into one of these crystals makes an amazing gift to your family and friends.

Here is some fun information on working with crystals:

  1. When gemstones are placed in a pouch, the pouch should be made of natural fabrics, such as leather or cotton so that they may radiate without impact to the barrier around them.
  2. “What makes people feel attuned to a particular Crystal is that your body has its own particular dynamic energy and the Crystal has its own individual dynamic energy as well. So, the one that most closely matches your own energy will be the one that you will claim.”
  3. If you would like to charge your crystal, point a spear-shaped Selenite at your crystal for a few minutes. ‘Stones left sitting on a Selenite spear or cluster for longer than it takes to clean them, get highly charged and will enhance and project their ‘healing’ qualities.’ 
  4. “Quantity is not the most important factor to consider’ when choosing your stones. ‘What is more important is whether the crystal has enough of the mineral in question that its ‘true’ nature can be easily read by the body’s electro-magnetic field.’ That is why we love to ‘feel’ each crystal we pick out, it’s to see if that crystal has the potency we need to work with our energy. 

We love working with the Archangels, we love working with crystals. Putting the two together can help you build a stronger relationship with each, helping you learn, grow, heal and move forward in our amazing gift of life on Earth.  Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends.

References: www.healingcrystals.comand Michael’s Gemstone Dictionary



Written by Richelle Kemper, Restoration Master Healer

Richelle is a full time Restoration Master Healer who offers private energy healing sessions. Richelle teaches classes and shares her gifts to help others learn, grow, and thrive. Find out more about her at


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