Life as a Medical Intuitive

Life as a Medical Intuitive

I have been a Medical Intuitive (MI) for five years.  There are numerous questions I have been asked over time.  The two most common questions I frequently am asked are: What is a medical intuitive? How does it work?  Before I answer the questions allow me to provide some perspective on holistic healing. 

A Medical Intuitive looks at healing metaphysically.  The prefix meta means beyond.  The root word physical means physical body/five senses.  Now, we can answer what is a medical intuitive?  A medical intuitive partners with Source, Spirit, Universal Energy, God, whatever your belief systems are.  MI energetically enters the person’s body via the crown chakra (top of their head).  Source leads the MI to where the healing needs to occur at that moment in time. MI’s responsibility is to observe where Source leads the practitioner and to observe the healing to completion.  Source is the one performing the healing, the MI simply is the conduit and observer.    Here is an example of a recent client I worked with.  The before picture was taken early 2017.  The after picture was taken August 2019.  I started working with her in May 2019.  I entered her body, Source lead me to her right clavicle (collar bone) where I observed Source shaving part of the clavicle.  I observed the healing to completion, below are the results.  

Screen Shot 2019 08 23 at 10.35.30 AM

The second most common question, how does it work?  I love the question because there isn’t an answer.  I don’t know, it is a mystery.  Source created us and knows what needs to be healed and when.  The MI’s relationship with Source cultivates trust. That trust grows with each session. The relationship between Source and the medical intuitive is “how it works.”  



Written by Shane Sale

 Shane Sale, Medical Intuitive, Psychic, Bodyworker


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