Void Moon Astrology

Void Moon Astrology

I have a practical approach to astrology and find ways to utilize the “astrological weather” in everyday life—one such application is the Void-of-Course Moon. Mercury retrograde gets the most hubbub but the Void-of-Course Moon (aka, Void Moon) occurs more frequently and so offers routine opportunities for practice.

After the Moon passes a planet, it is Void-of-Course until it enters the next astrological sign. For example, on October 4, the Moon passes Jupiter in Sagittarius at about 2 am. At about 11:45 am, the Moon enters Capricorn. Between these times, the Moon is Void-of-Course. Void Moons can last a few hours, such as on October 4th, or up to two days. See my blog post for a listing of the void moons for September and October. 

In esoteric astrology, the Moon transmits the energies of the planets to Earth. When the Moon is Void, it is said that it cannot transmit any energy; therefore, anything begun during a Void Moon will not have the momentum to last. The saying is “nothing will come of it.” I tested this idea and found it to be true. During Void Moons, emails I send go unanswered, posts on help forums go unnoticed, tasks assigned at work are not completed, and so forth. 

The Void Moon is an opportune moment to practice usingastrological energies, rather than being used bythem. If we want something to take off, we best not start it during a Void Moon; however, sometimes that “nothing will come of it” is exactly what we are looking for. There is an ancient saying in astrology, “A wise person rules their chart, a fool obeys it.” 

For example, if we are signing a contract, applying for job, or asking someone on a date, it’s best not to do these on a Void Moon if we can avoid it. If we are asking someone on a date, usually we are hoping that something comes of it, for example. However, there are plenty of decisions and actions that we would really like to let go of. Filing our taxes, getting a medical exam, making the final payment on a loan, or giving bad news, are all good activities for a Void Moon (along with routine chores and errands).

An important note about interpreting the Void Moon is that it refers to projects and tasks that are begun at that time; not ones that started in the past and a part of it happens to fall on a Void Moon. For example, I scheduled the birthdate for Twin Flames Rose Garden when the Moon was not void—this is when the Rose Garden began. However, I have done work on the Rose Garden since then whether there was a Void Moon or not. There are certain activities that I will postpone until the Moon comes out of being Void-of-Course, such as uploading blog posts our YouTube videos, but I can’t always wait for the perfect moment to make changes to the website or follow up with clients. Since the Rose Garden beganwhen the Moon was on its course, it has the Lunar energy to continue. 

As with any astrological concept, there is a realism that often bumps up against it—sometimes we have to take an action regardless of what the Moon happens to be doing. However, I hope this article empowers you to be able to consciously use Void Moons to your benefit. 

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Written by Samuel Helm

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