The Power of Manifestation

Power of Manifestation

As we contemplate our future and what lies ahead, we search for ways to make improvements and ask ourselves, “How will I accomplish what I need to accomplish? What is this pull I am feeling and how do I answer it?” Whatever it is you have been feeling, pay attention. Whether you believe you are intuitive or not, we all tend to feel an inclination or drive to better ourselves, to try something new, to set goals. 

Why is it that some people seem to be more adept at manifesting their goals and intentions? Is it luck? Is it focus and determination? Does it come down to a personality trait or to a certain way of thinking?  There is a reason that there is so much emphasis put on the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking, the idea that we as humans can create our own destiny, and control our path, is the power of manifestation. We are energetic beings and when we focus our thoughts in a positive and truly heart felt way-we can create what we want. 

As humans we go through phases in our lives, times of darkness where we need to wade through the shadows to unearth what needs to be unearthed followed by times of promise, potential, and expansion. It is during these times where we know we need to accomplish something, where we feel that change is coming and it is a matter of working with the energy that accompanies this. When we feel this freshness, this revitalization, what intentions can be set in order to change things that weren’t working for us in the past? Do we want to feel more empowered? Do we want to be more successful? Do we want to expand and grow as human beings? The bottom line is that goals require change accompanied by focused intention. Goals can involve changing a behavior, changing a routine, changing the way we think and focusing our thoughts. Change requires getting out of our comfort zone and doing something that we are not used to doing, something that may make us uncomfortable. This can trigger the over thinking mind and put us in a place of fear. 

In his book, The Untethered Soul, author Michael A. Singer talks about how the mind loves to create fear, loves to talk us out of things, loves to tell us all the reasons why we can’t do something. The key is to recognize when the ego is speaking and dismiss it. Don’t get wrapped up in fearful thinking about the how’s and the why’s of this change, keep it simple, keep it clear. This can be said for the most minor of goals to the most major of goals.

“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind - you are the one who hears it” ― Michael A. Singer

Intention is a very powerful thing especially when it is directed in a whole hearted, focused way. It is changing the way we think by focusing on an end result rather than all of the baby steps it takes to get us there. No doubt, you have all heard about the law of attraction; yes, like creates like but it takes more than just being positive about something, it is more than putting a vision board together and saying this is what I want. It is about truly believing in what you want to achieve, it is about sending out those heart felt focused energy waves to create an end result. How do you see yourself when you have reached the goal or intention you set? How do you look? What does it feel like? You must envision this place and sit with exactly how you would feel if your intention and goal became a reality and embrace it. This requires turning off the mind and releasing the fear, this is true manifestation.

The Power Path out of Santa Fe has an online training about the medicine wheel and its medicine. In the tradition of the medicine wheel each direction has a primary quality that can either challenge or support you. One quality of the West is intention. If you are in a place of clarity and positive thinking and can focus on exactly what you want, it creates a clear vision, and the medicine will support you. However, if you are in a place of fear where your mind races with all of the details about how you are going to get there, how the change may affect you, and all of the what if’s, it creates a mind focused obsession which then challenges the intention, clouds it, and creates obstacles. This then affects the next phase in the medicine wheel cycle: the progression to the North, where action or the full expression of movement is called for. If you enter this place with a clear vision, the action phase can be effortless. If you enter this place with mind focused obsession, the action phase will be a struggle. You can liken this to how you start your morning. If you wake up grumpy, are running late, feeling overwhelmed, often times your day leads to one with obstacles and strife. Whereas, if you wake up in a peaceful state, have time to exercise and meditate, it tends to flow much smoother. Intention works in the same way. Remember, there are two sides to every coin and it is your choice what side you want to be on.

The power of setting your intention and manifesting what you want comes down to fully trusting in spirit, planting those seeds, and believing that the unobstructed vision of where you want to be is going to happen. You need to be in it, feel it, surround it with gratitude, love, and light. You can be the owner of your destiny; you do have the ability to manifest what you want in your life. We are energetic beings and as such, what we put out there comes back to us. 

“When we form heart-centered beliefs within our bodies, in the language of physics we're creating the electrical and magnetic expression of them as waves of energy, which aren't confined to our hearts or limited by the physical barrier of our skin and bones. So clearly we're speaking to the world around us in each moment of every day through a language that has no words: the belief-waves of our hearts.”-Author-Gregg Braden



Written by Jennifer Roe

Jennifer Roe is a Master Level Red Hat Qigong Practitioner. Red Hat Qigong is an incredibly powerful healing modality that restores the natural balance to one’s being and connects mind, body, and soul. To learn more about Jennifer Roe please visit her website at

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