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Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years, the earliest documentation is from the Sumerians in which they document using crystals in magical formulas. Using crystals for their energy or healing, has been documented in every culture, in fact crystals are mentioned 200 times in the Christian Bible!

Crystal healing is based on physics and the principals of energy. Crystals are minerals with a regularly-repeating atomic structure, that carry their own distinct energetic vibration.

Due to the crystal’s perfect, stable structure and their unique energetic resonance when placed into the bodies energy field a scientific phenomenon occurs called entrainment. The body (human, animal or water for example) changes to match the energetic frequency of the crystal. The theory of entrainment states that when a weaker frequency is aligned with a stronger one alignment occurs and It is at this point that healing will occur. 

Crystal healing is classified as a Vibrational medicine. The goal of vibrational medicine is to bring the body’s frequencies back into harmonic alignment. Placing crystals on and around the body, provides it with an idea of want a new healthy vibration feels like as well as how energy is intended to flow along. Over time we find ourselves in a place where we are whole, healthy beings again.

Once the frequency has been restored then disease loosens its grip and healing can occur. An important thing to note is that Crystal Healing is NOT a replacement for allopathic medicine. It is a tool or aid to help the body align with other treatments. Nor are Crystals a magic panacea or pill but will work with your intention to bring about healing.

Crystal healing pairs well with other healing modalities and are particularly helpful in balancing the chakras and the seven energy bodies. In order to maintain the body in perfect health, there must be balance between all the subtle bodies. By working with crystal and gemstones we can raise our awareness of these vibrations and learn to realign or remove blocked energy.

Crystal healing begins with choosing crystals that are a vibrational match that suits your purpose, whether reading for yourself or for others. Another good thing to consider is the natural properties and color of the crystal and stones. The crystals would then be cleared and programmed for the purpose of healing. 

Most people that experience a crystal healing describe feeling relaxed, often falling asleep and awake feeling refreshed. 


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Written by Corrine Echols

Corinne is a Shamanic Healer. She has a formal education in Herbology, aromatherapy, crystal healing, color therapy, holistic pain management, professional relaxation and Iridology.
True healing occurs when one accepts full responsibility for her/himself and in doing so, claims the power to heal. She is the owner of Rainbow Healing Cottage: 

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