The Moon and Your Career

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Continuing with the theme of the Moon in Astrology (see Void Moon Astrology, and the additional article on our website), the placement of the Moon in your natal (birth) chart describes characteristics of your inner psyche. Most of us know our Sun Sign but few are aware of their Moon Sign. As one of the two Luminaries in the sky (the Sun being the other), the Moon’s influence in astrology cannot be ignored. Astronomically speaking, the Moon’s gravitational field pulls all of the oceans of the Earth with it. And if the Moon is capable of pulling approximately 320,283,532[1] cubic miles of seawater, it stands to reason it also has an influence on us! 


The Moon represents our inner psyche, subconscious, and memories. When we say that something “resonates” with us, it is likely that the familiarity of the connection is to our Moon Sign. A career, idea, environment, or person who connects to our Moon bypasses our Ego (represented by the Sun Sign) and reaches our inner selves. This is a deeper and more profound connection than is one that ties only to our Sun Sign. 

For example, say your Moon is in Sagittarius in your 8th House. Sagittarius is the archer that aims for the sky and seeks higher knowledge, deeper spirituality, and greater insights. The Sagittarian desires the freedom to explore as wide as his curiosity takes him. The Moon in this Sign represents an inner quest to seek greater knowledge and understanding about any idea, place, or person. As soon as you feel you have enough information, you move on quickly to the next idea—a search that never ends but always deepens and betters your mind. 

Native to Scorpio, the 8th House represents transformation, death, occult, and the mysterious. The Sagittarian Moon in this house suggests a need for knowledge to have a deep meaning that brings change in some way. There is a drive to learn the hidden mysteries of the world. That drive could be purely an internal quest, or perhaps one that expresses itself in writing, art, music, or some other way (for this, I would look to your Ascendant Sign and the placement of Mercury in your chart). 

With the Moon in Sagittarius and the 8th House, a career that connects one to higher wisdom that leads to transformation of oneself or others would resonate. Working for a company that specializes in emerging ideas such as metaphysics, new-age, cutting-edge science, noetics, and the occult could resonate quite well. It could be a publishing company where you have access to as many books as you could ever want, or perhaps a Halloween store with an interest in making monsters based on ancient mythology. 

In my approach to astrology, when clients ask about careers, the placement of the Moon in their charts is where I often begin. There are other factors in a chart that point to an enjoyable career, but finding something that resonates with one’s soul brings long-lasting comfort. And the Moon shines out from one’s soul. 



Written by Samuel Helm

Samuel is part of the duo at Twin Flames Rose Garden with his wife, Tina Beck. They began the Rose Garden to use their experiences to help others find health, peace, and spirituality. What makes our Rose Garden unique is our focus on our clients’ entire being: body, mind, and spirit. 

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