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Your Joy is Inside You, Forever Ready to Come Alive!

Your Joy is Inside You Forever Ready to Come Alive

Your Presence Brings Presents

Your joy has never been away from you, not for a moment, even if you have not felt it since the day you were born. Your eternal presence is the gift of joy I am referring to here. This is a joy that goes beyond a night out with your friends. This joy is the bringer of all presents into this lifetime that you wish to unfold.

The Foundation of Joy

How do I know this? I have had the pleasure to reconnect people with the awareness of their soul essence. When people have found a most joyful life, I find they have employed this connection with their divine presence, the soul essence, to be the very foundation of joy in their lives. When people have come to me saying, “I feel there is something more I’m supposed to be, or do here, but I’m not sure what it is.”  I say, “well, let’s have a look.” Inevitably when they become present to the preciousness of their soul’s presence once again, they realize what was missing.

You Are A Gift to the World

Your joy in this eternal presence is the gift you alone can bring to the world. This gift is a gift to your life and to everyone you meet. What many of us are not aware of is that this joy is a unique offering that we bring into our collective experience. Each one of us holds a very specific key to the whole puzzle of existence.

The Gift Joy Delivers to You

What I have had the privilege to connect people with is their joy in being in the divine presence. What comes forward for them is that this joy is the answer to the difficulties they have suffered. It is in not using this connection that the difficulties present themselves. Understanding this is how they decide to move forward on this path of joy. The realization that denying their personal satisfaction in life is what creates the path of difficulty is what keeps people clear that their joy not only serves their interests but everyone’s lives they touch as well.

Joy Creates Solutions

Once you find this unique perspective of how you enjoy the divine presence in your life, you can much more easily find your way out of even the most desperate of situations.

For example, when you know that you love moving your physical body to connect with your joy in the divine presence, then it is not the best choice for you to decide to sit behind a desk all day. For each of us there is a key that unlocks the joy in being just exactly who we are, and it is available to find when we decide to look for it.

What This Joy is Not

When we decide that our joy in living is valuable to us it can be once again recovered. Often to recover it we must understand how precious it is to not just to us but to everyone around us. We can belittle this joy by misunderstanding its true nature.

Here are the things this joy is not:

This joy is not selfish. It is what brings the energy of vitality into the world; therefore, it brings health to you and those you love also receive its benefits. Many of us feel guilty indulging in this enjoyment of ourselves, but what we do not realize is that this light that shines from us as we are grounded in our true presence is what is the most nurturing to everyone around us.

This joy is not foolish. Deciding to enjoy your divine presence brings the gift of wisdom into your life. Your intuition is connected and intelligently guides you into the highest and best decisions you can make for you and everyone around you.

This joy is not a separation out of society. Deciding to enjoy yourself in the eternal moment of right now brings meaningful connection with everyone we touch. We communicate a deep connection to nature and each other when we finally grasp the enjoyment we have in being right here right now.

Ready to Awaken the Joy of Being You?

If you have decided that it is your time to find the vitality, the wisdom, the connection with the best moments life has to offer, then it is time to seek out your divine gifts of presence. When you are ready to awaken to the gift of you in your life and the specific gifts your presence has to offer the world, I’ll be here at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts to watch the joy begin!! To find out more information on the personal sessions that I call the “Ticket to Joy” series, here is a link to my website: https://katherineblaketomasson.com/your-ticket-to-joy/ . It is my absolute joy to watch the joy of you being you in just one session arrive before my eyes!!

Wishing you all the joy of living you came here for!


Written by Katherine Blake Tomasson, a.k.a. The Joy Architect

Katherine Blake Tomasson, a.k.a. the Joy Architect, offers the opportunity to break through any current difficulties in constructing a joy-filled life. She is guided by Nature’s own powerful life transformation and manifestation technology, the Elements. By tapping in to where you are on Nature’s Elemental map, our inherent internal guidance system for success, Katherine can guide you back into a trusting relationship with your own inner guidance to navigate your life with a sense of play and curiosity that keeps life engaging and empowering. 

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