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The Elements – Finding the Flow of Love

The Elements Finding the Flow of Love

Fear or Love, Your Choice

Breaking the fear paradigm in our everyday life means engaging the flow of love to the point of full saturation-body, mind, and spirit. This truth has never been so apparent as it is now, for all of us who wish to live in the flow of a loving heart for each other.

What is the Power of Love?

In the earliest days of the Flow Your Magic soul gift exchange, a class I offer here at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, I believed that we could all flow a loving heart and see a new capacity arrive from within that we may have never seen before, a soul gift. While this was true and still is, I now realize that every time we decide to flow our hearts with the joy of being who we are, we change everything and everyone around us in the most beautiful way. Let me walk you through how this happens.

Meet The Elements-The Change Agents Of Love

In my book, soon to be released, “Mastering the Elements; Nature’s Design for Manifesting a Beautiful Life,” I wrote about the Elements as the agents of love that deliver the relationship of being who we are into the physical awareness of the embodied divine human being. The Elements are change agents for love because they deliver a fundamental relationship that connects the identity of the world all around us to our very own heart.

The Body and Light Interact- Here Comes the FLOW

The Water Element is a component of heart flow that brings the light of the outside world into our physical awareness.

Science has now confirmed to us that light is the fundamental basis of the physical world, so even scientifically minded people can permit themselves to play with me on this one.

When we feel the light in our bodies, our remembrance of love as the underlying nature of reality begins to work its magic. As soon as we decide to feel the light in our bodies, the magic of surrendering to the joy of flow begins. To initiate this experience, you can use your imagination to take in this feeling of the light.

The Clarity of the Light Brings New Joy

As the joy of the flow brings in fresh insights and energy to counteract the fearful environment,  the body starts to relax and remember the harmony with the world around us.  True surrender to the light only means that you are fully feeling it. It does not mean that it is taking over your capacity to make decisions. On the contrary, when we bring in the flow of light from the external world into our inner environment, it helps us to see our world from a clear mind so we can make our best decisions.

From this level of clarity, we may encounter the Fire Element. It is a function of the Fire Element to ignite our passions. How can we see our joy in the moment if we can not even find a mind of clarity about how to experience the moment the way we would enjoy doing so? The Water and the Fire Elements work together to produce the clarity you need to experience joy. The influx of breath carries in the light to see things more clearly, providing the capacity for insight. The Fire Element lets us exhale that which no longer serves the clear mind’s purposes in enjoying the moment, thereby igniting our possibilities for joy again right now. These new possibilities can deliver us into our passions.

Finding the Next Right Step

The biggest hurdle for most people in discovering this dynamic is the belief that when things are going awry, you need to do something about it. While taking action is a great idea, it is a poor choice when the mind is full of fear. Correcting the flow of this relationship with your world is the antidote. When the flow inspires engagement with the world from a centered mind, action will be well received and fruitful.

Keeping a mindful breath keeps this relationship intact. The Wind Element is the element that can help you find the engagement with the world you enjoy as a result. In the Flow Your Magic soul gift exchange this is when the fun begins.  The fun begins as a result of the ability to share in the flow of light between us. We discover our soul gifts in the relationship between the individual and the light. Sharing the gifts of your relationship is what brings the joy of living in the world to a new level.

The Joy of Connection in the Light is Real

Once the soul gifts begin to flow at the Flow Your Magic event, then it is no time at all before the love begins to bond us as a community of human beings, all enjoying each other and the moment, a beautiful product of the Earth Element.

Creating a Better World is Your Choice

What our times have shown us is that we must engage the act of being who we are to break the bonds of fear. For many who have engaged the flow of their hearts with a variety of spiritual practices such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Yoga, and Meditation, now is a great time to take this wisdom to the next level. That is, be that flow. Know that the LIGHT IS YOU enjoying a personal viewpoint of engagement with the world at large. When you do, you will have found the Space Element, often called “the fifth element.” This level of relationship with your world is embued with Nature’s magic, its pure, loving, and creative intelligence. In this element, Nature and individual have merged into the understanding of how to enjoy the illusion of form fully. Creating this level of relationship with your world is soul-based living.  

I hope you have enjoyed the walk through the Elements that have the power to lead all of us out of the grip of fear and into the pure enjoyment of our world. The Elements form the foundation of my spiritual practice and services. If you would like to see the Elements in action, please join me for a Flow Your Magic soul gift exchange. Here’s the link for more info and to sign up: https://katherineblaketomasson.com/flow-your-magic/

Wishing you all the very best life has to offer,

Kate Tomasson, a.k.a. The Joy Architect


Written by Katherine Blake Tomasson, a.k.a. The Joy Architect

Katherine Blake Tomasson, a.k.a. the Joy Architect, offers the opportunity to break through any current difficulties in constructing a joy-filled life. She is guided by Nature’s own powerful life transformation and manifestation technology, the Elements. By tapping in to where you are on Nature’s Elemental map, our inherent internal guidance system for success, Katherine can guide you back into a trusting relationship with your own inner guidance to navigate your life with a sense of play and curiosity that keeps life engaging and empowering. 


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