The Power of Dreams

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One of the ways that Spirit communicates with us is through dreams. We all dream every night but we don’t always remember. Sometimes dreams are quite vivid and we remember them in detail. These are the ones to pay close attention to. Dreams are a potent form of intuition and communication. In dreams, we can also soul travel. During sleep our linear mind is freed and we are not connected to our ego/personal self. Dream time is open, expansive and huge!

To help remember your dreams, try not to wake too quickly and stay under the covers recalling your dreams. You can also keep a dream journal or voice activated recorder next to your bed. Write down or record what stands out in your dreams immediately upon waking. Dreams include visuals, sounds, feelings and symbols. Pay close attention to the feelings you had in the dream as they are very telling.

The hypnagogic state is the time between sleeping and aware, or immediately before falling asleep. These initial moments provide a doorway between the physical and the spirit realm. It’s a brief window in which you might hear music, noises, your name being called, whispering, etc. You may feel a sense of presence, you might feel a touch.

It helps to have an environment conducive to dreaming. Comfortable bed, sheets, pillow, and blankets. Crystals can assist with dreams. Moldavite is highly stimulating for lucid dreaming and astral travel (a whole other subject). Some of the crystals to help you remember your dreams are amethyst, dream quartz (yes, there’s a dream quartz!), hemimorphite, lepidolite, rose quartz, and azurite. Essentials oils that help with lucid dreaming and dream recall include rose, sandalwood, clove, clary sage, mugwort, anise, frankincense, rosemary, patchouli, and lavender.

The different types of dreams are:

Psychological dream – reflect our own psychological issues; we have them to work out the issues in our awake state.

Precognitive dream – info about the future comes thru

Guidance dream – info on how to lead your life

Healing dream – specific healing energies come thru

Nightmares – help us deal with and resolve issues, fears, negativity, etc.

Spirit has used dreams to communicate with me since around the age of five when I began having precognitive dreams. At that young age, I didn’t understand it and neither did my parents, which caused some fear. In later years, I realized the power that my dreams held because they are a gateway between us and Spirit, when the body and mind are at rest and out of the way.  I’ve kept a dream journal for years now. When I have a situation or question, I need help with, I will ask Spirit before going to sleep to give me some answers/guidance. Most often, I will have a dream that very night with the answer, or at least some insight. They frequently communicate to me using animal totems. I can look up the spiritual meaning and receive the message they have. Usually, I just ask Spirit for the interpretation of a dream upon waking and will immediately get it. I’ve been wowed so many times!

If you’re not already using your sleep state to tap into Spirit, I strongly encourage you to do so. Start now asking your Spirit team to use your dreams to communicate with you. Pose a question or situation before going to sleep and ask Spirit for guidance. Then be prepared to be amazed! If you need assistance in interpreting a dream, I’m here for you.


Written by Rebecca Bartley

As your soul heals, you remember your value and purpose - who God created you to be! You can then step fully into your amazing, authentic self and live out your boundless potential. It would be my honor to assist you on this journey. Find out more about Rebecca here

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