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Becoming the You That You Like Best

Becoming the You That You Like Best

How Many of Me are There in Here?

What if I told you there are many Yous inside of you?

You may be willing to see the Yous that have jobs to do like, “The Mom” You or “The Boss” You. These are common expressions of your way of being in the world that have some codes of conduct attached to the definition of how you behave in the world.

So, Who’s the Real McCoy?

There may be many of these Yous but the You that You like best has no rule sets. It is what makes staying in this way of being so challenging. It requires that you decide to be this You.

Let’s examine how this You works. First, you must decide that no one else has control over your decisions in the moment. This is a must! Otherwise, you will move into a set of rules, and this being has, as I mentioned, no rules it follows. Next there must be a decision to enjoy yourself just as you really are without judgments of what that entails.

Now, perhaps you can see why it is difficult to find this self inside you.

Finding the One

Now, let us imagine a scenario. There is a man or a woman, whichever is your preference, sitting with you who is the ‘genie in the bottle’ type, you know, a magical being. They don’t have a care in the world, because the world is easily navigated with their magic.

They ask you, “how can I help you?” You say, “I’d like to know my place in the world, one in which I can feel really good about being me.”

The magical being says, “ok then, find a seat in which you feel comfortable and decide to be there.”

What do you do then? Maybe after a few moments of fidgeting, you begin to consciously breathe and relax. Then you say, “Now what? I’m relaxed, and I feel good being me, but how can I feel good in the world? How can I find the me that enjoys that?”

Not That One, You Say

Then the magical being says, “What comes to mind when you ask yourself, what would I like to do right now that would thrill me to my toes to do it?”

After contemplating the question, you have an idea that pops into your head, but then you instantly say to yourself, “ya, but that’s ridiculous, it’s so simple. How could I possibly get paid by deciding to read that book?” (the idea that occurred to you).    

So, you turn away from this delicious piece of information that could lead you into a brand new life.

The Next Place to Look?          

It has been said in many ways, “follow your heart, it knows the way,” but most of the time, we decide not to trust it. So, we never do find the You inside who decides to unapologetically be and do exactly as it pleases in the world. This is despite the fact that these words of advice are most commonly spoken by the ones who have found their place in the world that makes them feel good about being exactly who they are.

Why is this advice so mistrusted?

I believe it is because society trains us to believe that there is one way to a joyful existence- “follow our rules and all will be well.”

Unfortunately, it is never the case that the freedom to be the You that you genuinely love being is a rule follower. This You operates on one principle-heart following. That is, “what would I love doing right now?”

Becoming Real-ly Honest

I am not saying you will get what you are looking for if you bring the idea into force that you must always get your way. What I am saying is that your heart knows the way to where you want to go in life, and so, why doubt it? Why not decide to trust it for awhile and see what happens?

You Could Decide To Give This Exercise A Try.

Ask yourself, “What would I love to do right now?” Then listen for the most honest answer you can find that brings a “yes, that’s it” response.  Then do this until you don’t feel like doing this any longer.

Then ask yourself the same question again, “What would I love to do right now?” Again, wait for the most clearly honest answer you can find. Bring yourself into this activity until it loses the appeal it had at the outset.

Do this same question and honest answer listening until you have the understanding that the heart has a knowing that is bringing you into a connection with your magical self that feels completely comfortable navigating your world.

Want the Real Truth?

This heart-following truth is at the center of all magical beings. They have simply learned how to listen to their heart and to follow its impulses to act in the world.

If you could use some support trusting the magical- heart- following you, I’d be happy to help! My personal sessions and classes are a door held open into this You. You can find these sessions on my website at https://katherineblaketomasson.com/your-ticket-to-joy/  or come join us for a Flow Your Magic event in which all of the participants are there to experience this magical heart-following self. For the next events take a look here: https://katherineblaketomasson.com/flow-your-magic/   I would love to see you meet this You!!

With love and honesty,

Kate Tomasson, Your Joy Architect


Written by Katherine Blake Tomasson, a.k.a. The Joy Architect

Katherine Blake Tomasson, a.k.a. the Joy Architect, offers the opportunity to break through any current difficulties in constructing a joy-filled life. She is guided by Nature’s own powerful life transformation and manifestation technology, the Elements. By tapping in to where you are on Nature’s Elemental map, our inherent internal guidance system for success, Katherine can guide you back into a trusting relationship with your own inner guidance to navigate your life with a sense of play and curiosity that keeps life engaging and empowering. 

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