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Are You Seeking Abundance or Prosperity?

Are You Seeking Abundance or Prosperity

I, frequently, hear people talking about how to be more abundant. However, as a word person, I've found abundance to ... lack ... the qualities I'm looking for when trying to attract financial security and wealth.

Technically speaking, abundance means having a large quantity of something. This feels pretty vague. We could, easily, find ourselves with a large quantity of anything at all. Locusts? Poverty? Negative Nancys? You name it, you can be abundant in it. 


I've discovered in my life that the Universe has a wicked sense of humor. If you aren't careful what you wish for, you will most certainly get it. There have been numerous times in my past where I got exactly what I asked for, but not close at all to what I actually wanted. Sometimes, that's been a relief. Occasionally, we ask for things that aren't good for us and Source uses our ambiguity to give us something better suited to us. At other times, our lack of clarity keeps us from achieving our goals. Frequently, the result of my less-than-clear intentions has been downright comical. 

These life lessons have taught me the importance of either being extremely specific and clear with my ask or being intentional in being wide open to the Universe's response to what I'm trying to manifest. The ultimate, 'Surprise Me', is telling Source to manifest what it believes is best for me at this moment.


For those moments when I'm attempting to manifest money or wealth, I avoid the word Abundant and use Prosperous instead. Why? Because words matter. Words have energy in the same way our bodies do, in the same way our planet does. There is too much wiggle-room in the abundance department. However, when we use a better-suited word, like prosperity, we are asking to be successful in material terms. We are looking to manifest financial wealth. So, unless you are seeking to be abundantly prosperous, it's wise to avoid using abundance as your intention when trying to manifest money or wealth.


To help you along your path to prosperity, here are some rituals you can try to attract more wealth into your life right now.

Prosperity Bowl

A popular prosperity tool is creating a money bowl for your home. This can be an easy way to encourage wealth when placed in a visible, high-traffic area of your home.

Wealth Corner

If you are familiar with the practice of feng shui, you may already be aware that there is a corner in your home best suited to attracting wealth. Here's how to optimize your money corner at home.

Lucky Cats

Lucky cats have a long history of being used to attract customers and money to businesses. There are different meanings for lucky cats so you need to pay attention to their color and the position of their arms. Learn more about this practice here. (I have lucky cats EVERYWHERE.)

The Color Green

Whether you use green candles, or drape a room in green, this is the color of money. Green is the color of freshness, growth, progress, and wealth. Whether you set up a separate altar using it as the main color, or incorporate it into your magick, you can't go wrong with a lil' green.


Whatever tools or rituals you decide to use, it's my sincerest hope that each of you finds your own path to becoming abundantly prosperous!



Nikki is the owner of Marvel Marketing Squad and the Marketing Manager at the center. She manages our center's marketing efforts and initiatives. She works at the center on Monday and Fridays. Nikki is also a Sacred Priestess, trained in the Mystery School at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. 

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