What Is SoulCollage?

What is SoulCollage

What is SoulCollage?

I have been an avid Tarot and Oracle Card reader and collector for many years, so when I heard of SoulCollage, about five years ago, I became intrigued by the process of making my own cards and learning how to read them.  I have found that they provide valuable insights and many readings of my cards have greatly surprised me!  It is amazing to see what we all have in our subconscious that is brought to the surface when creating our very personalized cards!

I find the process to also be an outlet for my creativity, and I find that cutting out images and making the cards is very relaxing, too! 

So, you may be wondering, what exactly is SoulCollage?

In a nutshell, SoulCollage is an intuitive Collage process for self discovery and community! 

Using the process of SoulCollage, creating cards using images cut from magazines and books, you are able to unlock your Soul's messages and uncover your inner wisdom and unlock your intuitive gifts!

When using the SoulCollage process everyone becomes an instant artist, and we become explorers of our Soul.  You do not have to have ANY artist skills to create your cards!!  We use our imagination and intuition, along with cut out images and we create cards!  Overtime, you will create your own personal deck of cards that will allow you to explore your Soul, your Shadow and your inner gifts.

Anyone and any age can make SoulCollage cards!  Some of the images you choose will symbolize inner parts of yourself, such as your inner child, your nurturer, and even your Spirit Animals and Guides.

The cards that you create will then become a valuable tool for you to use to answer questions you may have regarding events or challenges in your life;  they may provide daily guidance and even help you with learning and understanding more about your "Inner You"!  In fact, you are actually creating your own personal "oracle".

When attending a SoulCollage class, you will be lead through a guided meditation to free your mind and relax your body.  You will then select images, a background image and perhaps one or more additional images that you are attracted to. Whatever catches your eye!  We then paste these images on 5 by 8 cardstock cards.  Upon completion of your card or cards, you will then be taught how to "read" your card using your thoughts/intuition.  The process of "reading" the images and what they may be saying, allows us to fully explore our world and our feelings.  This process in turn, builds community and friendships with other attendees as well!

There is a great more that we will learn about the SoulCollage process and in the composition of a SoulCollage deck, the suits and their meanings, and how SoulCollage can be used in various group work.  Whether used in a religious/Spiritual group, or in a group to support those who are grieving, or those who are going through the many changes that we all experience in our lives or in celebrating major milestones and events in our lives.  SoulCollage is such an invaluable tool for personal growth!  A SoulCollage deck is the story of you!


Written by Rhonda Marr

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Rhonda Marr, L.Ac. is the Acupuncturist and owner of Acupuncture Specialists of Golden.  She has been an avid crafter/artist and teacher for over twenty years.

Her love of creativity, art and card reading led her to explore and learn more about the process of SoulCollage.  After attending a few local SoulCollage workshops she decided to continue her education in SoulCollage and became a SoulCollage Facilitator in March of 2020. There are roughly about 4,000 to 5,000 facilitators, Worldwide.  Rhonda enjoys making cards that are intuitive as well as reflective of the Soul and current and past situations.   The Card making and sharing of each Card's meaning enlightens the card maker and allows us to grow and overcome any past or current conditions in our lives.  Card making in a group allows us to develop a Community and deepens our relationships and friendships with others while exploring our depths in a safe and nurturing environment. You can find her next SoulCollage class on our calendar.

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