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Dragon Real Guide: The Luck Dragon

Dragon Realm the Luck Dragon

February is the month when Chinese New Year is celebrated. The new year celebration has fireworks, firecrackers, reunion dinners, and family gatherings. It is customary to give red envelopes with money to bring in good luck and prosperity. The Romans also had a festival at this time of year for the Goddess Fortuna, who was the goddess of luck, fortune, and fertility. February was also the month of purification, and cleansing of negative remains for the past.

Eastern dragons are intricately connected to the seasons and the elements and are often associated with one of the four cardinal directions. Eastern Dragons are also kind, benevolent, and peaceful souls. Each color bears a symbolic meaning within Chinese culture: red is the traditional color of good fortune and happiness, and it is often used in large celebrations. The red dragon is associated with luck, fire, passion, and the heart. Other Chinese associations with the color red include vitality, enthusiasm, and creativity. During holidays like the Chinese New Year a red dragon can be a great guide to help you find some luck. Eastern dragons are also believed to emit “Sheng Qi” or the celestial breath. Those that are bestowed this gift are given good luck, wealth, and success.

As I think of a Luck Dragon, I immediately think of Falkor, the Luck Dragon from The Neverending story. If you have not seen that movie, I highly recommend it. Falkor is a Luck Dragon, he hasthe face and fur of a dog, shaped similar to an extra long dachshund with scales on his back like a dragon. Other Luck Dragons can be Red and carry coins that they drop for you to find. Their Red color will bring in “luck” to areas of passion, fertility, purification, and playfulness. To me luck doesn’t have to coincide with money. Maybe you need luck in health, or luck in finding a new home, or a new job. Maybe you need luck in time, time to slow down and enjoy what you have. Luck Dragons remind us to laugh and play, to show you that a little bit of luck can change your point of view and make you realize that what you have been searching for has been right in front of you all along.

It is easy to get caught up in the details of a situation, get overwhelmed or feel like the task at hand is too big to accomplish or that there is no way you will ever get to the place where you are going. Take for example a spiritual journey, one that you have been working on for some time now and you are feeling like there is too much, your heart is heavy, and it feels overwhelming. How can you complete this task when you are having a hard enough time getting through your daily life?

Take a few moments and ask for guidance from a Luck Dragon, whether that is a Red Chinese Dragon or Falkor, or another that you resonate with, ask and they will help. As Falkor says “Having a Luck Dragon with you is the only way to go on a quest.”  Oh, and don’t forget to scratch behind his right ear, he can never seem to reach the spot.

Believe, Belong and Be Loved, guides from the Dragon realm are here to help and are waiting for you to believe. Why not ask them to come along your journey?

If you like to learn more about the wonderful Dragon Realm Guides, please check out or Monthly Dragon Gallery Messages or starting in April of 2021, Dragon Realm Guide Classes with Shannon Parmentier.


Written by Shannon Parmentier

Winged Illuminations, Shannon Parmentier, Celestial Liaison / Artist

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