Planting Our Seeds of Intention

Lisa Eleni Planting Seeds of Intention

Spring has sprung- what a glorious time of year! It is a time to really set your sights high, so you are inspired and feeling empowered to move your intentions into actions. The world is starting to re-open and it is a great time to take inventory of what you are excited about to ready to work toward. Take some time to ask yourself what you want to cultivate or focus into fruition. The month of May is about creativity and having the moon in Aries is a powerful time to really discover what you are focused on want to get done now that it is spring.

The new Aries moon is a great time to plant a seed of intention to create something new. This invigorating energy is clearing the path of obstacles for you. The good news is that with the Aries energy, you have the support of the universe to make all of your dreams happen. It creates opportunities for you to see what you are truly made of in the best way possible. The vibes of the Aries new moon are inviting you to take a few days to set intentions, take action, create a new routine, and welcome the changes you are creating. This energy is extremely active so now is the time to actively channel in those new ideas and make bold choices.  

Use this fiery energy to get your dreams to happen. Even with fear, you can show up. Are you going to claim it? It is a great time to be mindful, to take a leap, and to use your discernment to trust yourself. You have the support of the universe, especially with the fire of the Aries moon, so you are safe to go for it. You don’t need to know every step of how your dream will come to fruition, you just need to show up and be willing to receive. Recognize that this will work out in your favor because you are divinely guided and supported. 

Be aware that you may be avoiding the unknown due to fear because it mirrors and reflects change. For some of us, change equates to not feeling prepared for an event or having the wind knocked out of you. You could be triggered to believe that change is going to be painful from past experiences, or you can look forward to making changes. Time to plant the seeds of change; you are in control of what you want and take steps- even if they are baby steps, you are still moving forward. Change can be opportunity and new vigor for moving forward. 

Ask yourself if you had the support of the universe and were completely aware if you could accomplish what you set forward, without feeding into your limiting beliefs or fears, what would you create or manifest? Silence your inner critic and take the steps. Tune in to the energy of what it feels like to have what you want and trust that you are supported. 

Plant the seeds now and nourish them with your intentions. You will see that this month is a powerful one to manifest your dreams. Take an inventory to intentionally review what it is you are creating. 


This month I will be hosting an ARTshop for $30 on May 6th, 2021 at 6:30p at Discover your Spiritual Gifts. For all women over 18 years old, we will do a light meditation, self-reflection, and work on strategies for intentional living. We will decorate clay pots so we can plant our intentions, helping you see your intentions grow so you live and abundant life in 2021!



Written by Lisa Eleni

Lisa Eleni is an intuitive artist and healer.  Her passion is gathering adults who desire a more joy-filled life, and who want to see themselves in a new light and support new friends as well.  She engages in a combination of reflection and art activities and is excited to create space for like-minded people to come together.

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