Healing Happens in Layers

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Healing Happens in Layers. As much as those words pain me, it is ultimately true. I have spent years taking classes and going to retreats and learning about myself in an effort to live a more balanced life.

I have had some shadows come into the light and awareness around my limits as a human.  I have also been triggered emotionally so I can get clarity on what is affecting me and why. The classes have given me skills and tools to navigate new situations. I have learned how to clear my space and my mind and live in a high vibrating energy.

Retreats have given me opportunities to reveal where I need to heal. It seems as though as soon as I sign up for a retreat, I can feel the shifting in my temperament. That is usually my sign that something big is going to come up to be released. At the core of the shifting, there is often a feeling of insecurity or fear which needs to be explored.

In my experiences, the healing comes in four stages.

The stages of healing layers:

  1. The build-up of energy. All emotion is energy and when it is stifled or ignored, the energy increases in intensity. I am a master stuffer; I spent years of my life just brushing off painful feelings or stuffing my true feelings to keep the peace in a space.  It hasn’t served me as well as I thought it did. The trapped energy in my body made my physical body hurt.  I have since learned that no matter how effective I thought I was at stuffing; there were layers of healing that needed to take place in order to change the pattern and remove my reliance on a substandard strategy to deal with whatever was coming up.

  • Awareness-Often there must be some sort of trigger to get clarity. It can be a memory, event, or incident that comes up in the discussion that makes me ponder why feelings are being elicited despite my best efforts to ignore or stuff them. I have often witnessed the discussion moving from surface irritants to a very prickly core issue that will emerge before the release.
  1. Release – Whatever comes to the surface usually becomes an a-ha moment. A discovery of why something or someone is a trigger. Usually once the awareness is evident there is some release; usually crying. Crying is an amazing relief of pent-up energy and it makes room for the healing energy to come in. Journaling and being in nature can often soothe the healing heart as well.
  1. Recalibration- Once the charge has dissipated and it is released from the body, an opportunity to react differently in the future emerges. A new strategy is created to lose the need to be triggered because healing has taken place. There is clarity about why the situation evolved the way it did and there is forgiveness. I have to take time to realize my limitations in the situation and move forward with more awareness.  As Maya Angelou said, Once you know better, you do better!


In August 2021, I will be hosting a Women’s heart intention playshop for $30 on August 5th at 6:30pm at Discover your Spiritual Gifts. This event is for all people over 18 yrs old.  We will do a light meditation, self-reflection, and journal strategies for intentional living.  We will create sand layered succulents to remind you to take each layer at a time so you can live and abundant life in 2021!


Written by Lisa Eleni

Lisa Eleni is an intuitive artist and healer.  Her passion is gathering adults who desire a more joy-filled life, and who want to see themselves in a new light and support new friends as well.  She engages in a combination of reflection and art activities and is excited to create space for like-minded people to come together.

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