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How Learning Your Earth Sign Can Empower You

How Learning Your Earth Sign Can Empower You

Learning my Earth Sign was a pivotal moment on my journey to oneness. It’s as if all of the questions were answered for this part of me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I have to say it was an "aha" moment. 

The puzzle pieces created a picture of me that made my life a wee bit easier. After all, we need all the help we can get on our spiritual journey & learning about ourselves. I was floored when I learned my earth sign. It was like a light bulb was turned on and I could see why I had these feelings, traits and elements in my personality. It finally made sense to me.

Do you know your Earth Sign? I have laid out the basics for you below to assist you on your journey.

There are 4 Earth Signs: Fire, Water, Air, & Earth. They are based on when you were born and actually tell a lot about you. They each have an Archangel as well as an elemental being that supports them amongst other things such as crystals, colors, etc.

teresa elements

The FIRE sign is supported by the Salamander, also known as the Fire Spirit. Archangel Michael the Watchtower Angel of the South, also supports the FIRE sign. The Zodiac signs for Fire include: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius. Tiger’s Eye is a wonderful crystal to support this sign and the colors red and orange will assist you in harnessing your power.

The AIR sign is supported by the Sylphs, also known as the Air Spirit. Archangel Raphael the Watchtower Angel of the East, also supports the AIR sign. The Zodiac signs for Air include: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius. The Moonstone crystal will support the Air sign and the colors white, light blue and yellow will assist you with clarity.

The WATER sign is supported by the Undine, also known as the Water Spirit. Archangel Gabriel, the Watchtower Angel of the West, also supports the Water sign. The Zodiac signs for Water include: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. Aquamarine crystals will support this sign and the colors of grey, green and blue will help Water signs go with the flow.

The EARTH sign is supported by the Gnome, also known as the Earth Spirit. Archangel Uriel, the Watchtower Angel of the North, also supports the Earth sign. The Zodiac signs for Earth include: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Red Jasper crystals will assist this sign with grounding and the colors red and green will help Earth signs with inner peace.

When meditating, you can bring these elements in as well as your Archangel to assist you. You can also utilize colored candles and/or flowers. Having these tools will bring in that extra support that you need to calm your mind and feel more at peace within.

Exploring who you are at your core is always empowering. What will you learn about yourself? 

If you are guided, you can learn more about you & your path with the loving guidance of your angels & guides. Learn more here: https://www.teresagrove.com. 

Sending angel sparkles of love to you,

XO Teresa


Written by Teresa Grove

Teresa has worked with and communicated with angels her entire life. At the age of 14, she fully connected with them during a traumatic time in her life. Teresa has developed a strong connection and partnership with the archangels. She is passionate about helping others connect and receive their strong and loving guidance in times of crisis and crossroads. 

Teresa has many years of experience in bringing in the angel's messages for her clients. This includes guidance, answers and loving support from the angels. She utilizes many tools that can assist you on your path to healing and is trained in several healing modalities including; Angelic Reiki, The Golden Angelic Ray of Healing, Chakra Healing & The Emerald Healing Technique that was gifted to her from Archangel Raphael. 

Whether you are in need of guidance, answers and/or direction in your life, Teresa, Your Angel Connection is excited to work with you & your team.  Find out more about Teresa at https://www.teresagrove.com/.

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