Fast Color References For Tarot

Fast Color References For Tarot

The meaning from a single tarot card can feel endless when you are first learning how to read. Of course, I recommend studying the cards, reading for yourself and others, and reading through competent tarot reference books.

However, when you just start out with tarot, it can be overwhelming to understand what’s important to pay attention to and what can wait. It’s also important to have fun with the cards, especially when you are at the beginning of your journey.

I recommend learning these quick references to colors used within the Ryder Waite deck. Once you know these you will be able to pick up meaning from any reading much faster than searching through a reference book. At that time, you can decide which card you want to research further.

You will likely find this list easy to commit to memory as there is a lot of color meaning tied to the collective consciousness, natural connections, and daily life.

  • Red- Passion, vitality, inspiration, action, and the conscious mind.
  • Blue- Water, connection to the subconscious, intuition, sensitivity.
  • Yellow- Sunshine, joy, openness, and connection to the super-conscious.
  • Brown - Stability, down-to-earth, daily tasks.
  • Black- Mystery, the unknown. When paired with white this also means active and inactive influence, balance, absolutes.
  • White- Purity, manifestation, divine influence.
  • Green- Abundance, life, growth, earth.

Now if you apply this knowledge to any card you will be able to gain meaning from the reading immediately. Let’s try it with The Fool card.

Yellow is the most prominent color so we know our traveler is joyous and open with their emotions.

They are walking on brown rock, which we can recognize as stable and down-to-earth. However, it is always important to see the symbolism in the card as well. The traveler is walking on the edge of a cliff, which can be dangerous as well as thrilling. The brown shows that the traveler is aware of the choice they are making, and likely down-to-earth rather than having their head in the clouds.

There is adversity in their future travels, which you can see from the jagged mountains in the background. The mountains are blue and white, which means it will take certain skills to get through the adversity, including; intuition, sensitivity, manifestation, and watch for signs of divine influence.

The dog and the flower are both pure white. For this card, based on the art, this shows the traveler has a special talent for manifestation, but they might not be aware of it for themselves. I say this because the flower and dog are both going with the traveler, so they do recognize manifestation as something in their life that they desire to have. However, the only white that is present on The Fool is covered or hidden.

You can see that it is easy to quickly grasp important aspects of a card’s meaning if you get to know the colors beforehand. By no means is this a comprehensive explanation of The Fool card, and to know more about it you would need to study the symbols, references, and the card’s overall place in the story of tarot. However, I have used this color trick many times for my own readings and found it to be very helpful when I was first getting to know my deck.

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Written by Lilly Cadillac

Lilly Cadillac has been a tarot reader for over ten years and is a Reiki Master. She uses tarot to help people connect with their own intuition for guidance in everyday life and to support mental health.

Lilly was trained for 5 years with Dreambuilders, learning how to help herself and others practice mindset shift, success principles, gain positive perspective, and build themselves the life they desire. She enjoys teaching people how to use tarot in their own lives to see situations from a new perspective and seek creative solutions.

She enjoys teaching tarot to explore the stories, symbols, colors, and societal depictions of the cards that connect to the collective consciousness.

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