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Change is in the Air, Stepping into our Power

How Learning Your Earth Sign Can Empower You

It's that time of year to release the old and bring in the new. Although this is true every fall, there is a different vibe in the air this time around. The archangels report that it's time for us to step into the power of who we really are, who we came here to be and to walk in our power.

In other words, to fully connect to our Divine I Am Presence. What does that mean you ask? When I asked the archangels this question, Big Mike (archangel Michael) smiled and gave me a wink. He knows that I already knew the answer. He did this because he has asked me to walk in my power for the last several years. He has demanded it actually as an answer to my prayers.

You see, this is a very important time in our history and that is precisely why you were brave enough to incarnate on Earth at this time. The changes that are happening have already begun. What has been in the dark is being brought into the light. We are no longer accepting the old ways that the world has been operating from, oppression, hate, lack, consumerism, divisiveness, etc. With that being said, when each one of us decides that we are ready and actually start the process to take the steps of walking in our power, it builds a momentum of positive energy.... warrior energy so to speak, to change what no longer serves us in this world and to usher in the new way of living that will better serve us on a larger scale and as a collective.

If you are feeling the call to move into something bigger, you can utilize these 7 simple steps to begin to align with your Divine I Am Presence:

  1. Make the decision that you are ready
  2. Ask your angels for help
  3. Be open to the signs that are coming from your angels & guides
  4. Take one small action step each day toward living your true purpose
  5. Be gentle with yourself, there is no right or wrong way to step into your power
  6. Pray and ask for guidance from your Creator, you will receive an answer ~ this is spiritual law ~
  7. Schedule a session with a professional that can guide you and illuminate your path

In closing, I want to tell you that this is an exciting time for you!  Welcome it, celebrate it &  fully feel it! Its natural to feel anxious and even scared. Use those emotions to propel you to your next step & as you take each step forward the fear and anxiety will begin to subside. I have experienced this myself & can tell you that it is the most rewarding feeling when you know that you are living the life that you came here to live. You got this!

Angel blessings to you,
XO Teresa



Written by Teresa Grove

Teresa has worked with and communicated with angels her entire life. At the age of 14, she fully connected with them during a traumatic time in her life. Teresa has developed a strong connection and partnership with the archangels. She is passionate about helping others connect and receive their strong and loving guidance in times of crisis and crossroads. 

Teresa has many years of experience in bringing in the angel's messages for her clients. This includes guidance, answers and loving support from the angels. She utilizes many tools that can assist you on your path to healing and is trained in several healing modalities including; Angelic Reiki, The Golden Angelic Ray of Healing, Chakra Healing & The Emerald Healing Technique that was gifted to her from Archangel Raphael. 

Whether you are in need of guidance, answers and/or direction in your life, Teresa, Your Angel Connection is excited to work with you & your team.  Find out more about Teresa at https://www.teresagrove.com/.

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