Finding Your Joy

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The holidays are a magical time of year and this year the word that keeps coming up for me is Joy.
My life has been rapidly changing over the last few years and what I have figured out is that I had not been living a life filled with joy.
In fact, this is the first year since 2008 that I have been excited about the holidays.  That year, I lost my Grandpa Val. He was a man that lived his life to the fullest and truly embodied the word joy. He seemed to always be having fun, joking around, and dancing. He struggled with bone cancer and in the end we were doing everything we could to keep him comfortable and happy. We offered food, water, music, and the only thing he wanted to do was dance.  His passing was hard on the whole family, but for him it meant crossing the rainbow bridge, being healthy and whole again, and dancing.
This same year my Oma’s dementia and Parkinson’s started to take over her brain. She was the other person in my life that could always lift my spirits and reminded me of the beauty in myself and in life. She became an empty shell locked inside her mind. I could not feel her joy.  I remember sitting in my mom's living room alone, looking at her beautifully decorated tree, listening to the rest of the family celebrating Christmas and all I could feel was sadness.
Looking back I do feel very blessed to have had all of my grandparents for as long as I did, but at that time I did not realize that I held the power to create joy for myself and not rely on others to make me happy.  
At about 13 years old,  I pushed down about my ability to talk to spirits. As a child I had a deep connection with angels and often saw spirits and talked, laughed, and played with them.  I was always happy to play alone with my “imaginary friends”, until someone told me that wasn’t true. I shut down and looked for happiness in others, but had a hard time finding it in myself. Children are often open channels to spirit and have a deep connection with angels. Have you ever seen a baby smile and laugh at something you can't see? Have you ever heard a toddler or young child having a conversation with someone who is not there?  As children we are all connected and have abilities until someone makes you question what you hear, see, feel, and know. We become programmed to live in a society without magic and connection to our higher selves. 
Over the last few years I have reconnected with my ability to see and talk to spirits. I have many conversations with my Oma, Grandpa Val, and other ancestors. They send me signs letting me know they are with me.  I was going through my Christmas ornaments and decorations and I came across a box of my Oma's décor that I hadn't opened since the day of her funeral. There were many beautiful options, funny items, and lots of angels. There was a penny and it made me laugh out loud and I heard her laugh and say she was happy I was finally taking out decorations this year. It brought me right back to her house and how she decorated. As a child I loved seeing all of these items and could remember just where she placed them through out her home. This is where my love of angels, elves, and gnomes came from and seeing them all again brings my heart childlike wonder and JOY. 
I love when Spirit brings those from the other side with messages and reminders of who I am and how wonderful it is that I can use my abilities to help others connect with their angels and spirit guides. Know that your ancestors, Angels, and spirit guides are always around you and they are just waiting to talk to you and help you. You simply have to ask. They can't come to us or help us without permission. 
In many my readings, spirits remind my clients about the importance of connecting with their inner child and playing, having fun, being creative, and doing the things that truly make them happy and bring them joy. In our busy lives, we tend to forget about having fun, crafting, painting, coloring, playing outside, or whatever else brings us happiness. We were not put on this Earth just to work and pay bills. I realize I still have a lot of inner child healing to do, but I'm often reminded by Spirit that bringing in play helps heal these wounds. 
This holiday season I encourage you to find what brings Joy to your heart and enjoy this time with friends, family, and community. 
I would love to help you connect with your spirit guides, angels, and maybe even ancestors with a reading. Let's take a look at what could be blocking your happiness and give you confirmation about your life. 
May this season bring you peace, love, healing and joy!



Written by Trina Schneider

Trina is an intuitive reader who connects people to their past lives and spirit guides to help them on their spiritual journey. She also reads the Aura to uncover what is most relevant, helpful and healing at the time of the reading. She is also an Angelic Reiki practitioner and uses crystals as tools to help with healings.

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