New Divination Decks for 2022

Nikki Milton.Divination Decks for 2022

I’ll admit it. I have more tarot and oracle cards decks than any person would ever need. However, I just love cracking open and sitting with a new deck.

In 2022, I’ve uncovered quite a few new card decks. While it's getting tougher to convince me I need to add to my collection, several of these have me tempted.

Check out this list of 2022 releases.

January 2022

The Plant Joy Deck

The Plant Joy Deck

This tarot deck is a tribute to all those fellow plant lovers out there! All of the illustrations were hand-drawn digitally with love, featuring a range of beautiful plants & flowers that decorate our world.

February 2022

Goddesses, Gods and Guardians Oracle Deck

Goddesses Gods and Guardians Oracle Cards

The 44 vibrant and soulful cards depict a diverse collection of powerful global deities and spiritual guides to divinely support, empower and inspire your path. 

March 2022

Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards

Divine Tea Time Inspiration Cards

Readers are able to choose a card that embodies an emotion they would like to heal or enhance. The ritual of tea making in Divine Tea Time provides a meditative channel and timeless tool to awaken your consciousness, heal your soul, and kickstart your energy levels.


The Rose Oracle

The Rose Oracle

A breathtakingly beautiful invitation to reconnect with the Goddess and celebrate the sacred mysteries of the rose, nature and the feminine. May the healing mysteries of Mother Rose help you remember the future rose gardens seeded within you.


Celtic Spirit Oracle

Celtic Spirit Oracle

This oracle is born from artist/author Nicola McIntosh's Celtic shamanic work and her Celtic lineage. The Celts had a deep understanding of nature's cycles and the importance of working with nature and its Elemental beings, which is evident in their artwork, myths and legends.


Oracle of the Roses

Oracle of the Roses 

Each rose archetype has its own intrinsic power, energy and light and within this oracle, botanical alchemist and organic gardener and florist Cheralyn Darcey shares with you their beautiful inner wisdom and blessings of support.


The Lakshmi Oracle

Lakshmi Oracle

This beautiful oracle deck allows you to receive specific sacred guidance and effective blessings from 36 powerful Hindu deities overseen by Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and good fortune.

April 2022

Earth Alchemy Oracle Card Deck

Earth Alchemy Oracle

A beautifully illustrated card deck helping to bring a deep connection to the magic beneath your feet, to the crystals, plants, trees and flowers and the sacred language of light. All of the elements of alchemy needed to awaken the heart further to the truth around us.


Woodland Wardens

Woodland Wardens

From the author of Floriography comes a gorgeously illustrated oracle deck and guidebook inspired by the magic of woodland flora and fauna.


May 2022

Tarot Priestess

Tarot Priestess

Become a modern-day priestess with this deeply spiritual book on using tarot cards as both devotional and divinatory tools. Tarot Priestess presents a spiritual framework―organized around the court cards, major arcana, and minor arcana―through which you’ll heal the wounds of the sacred feminine and deepen your practice with an open heart and dedicated mind.

June 2022

Tarot of Dragons

Tarot of Dragons 

Featuring gorgeous illustrations and a full-color companion book, this deck helps clarify jumbled thoughts, ignite your passions, and illuminate better paths to achieving your goals.

Which ones are you most looking forward to this year? I'm not sure I can decide! So many cool new options to choose from. Happy 2022!


Written by Nikki Milton, Center & Marketing Manager of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

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